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Eruption (2-CD) by Mountain

Classic Rock is as popular as it ever was. For this listener, it never lost its appeal. Mountain was always one of those bands that were hard to forget with songs like "Mississippi Queen" and "Nantucket Sleighride" maintaining their popularity forever. Leslie West, Corky Laing and the late Felix Pappalardi, their great producer and bass player, were a trio comparable to Cream.

Eruption maintains the recognizable time-period band colors and album cover artistry, while presenting several live sets from two different eras. Disc 1 is dedicated to 1985 performances at The Ritz and L’ Amour, while disc two is in Europe (unspecified location) in 2003.

I did not hear a big difference in the way the band sounded between the two timeframes, however West plays a smokin’ incredibly inspired powerful guitar on all the songs from the 2003 recording, particularly on the track that closes out the set, "Land of Milk and Honey." You can hear all the Cream and blues influence in Leslie’s playing style to this day and he is as strong and determined as he ever was to get on stage to give his paying customers a show they never will forget.

As great as this music always is to hear, these performances did not have the sound mix to support the energy and efforts the band was putting out. At times Leslie’s guitar and vocals fade away, as if he was walking away from the mike while singing and playing. This happens enough to certainly make mention of, but its not disturbing enough to deter your enjoyment of this 2 CD set; it was not a crucial factor to me listening several times I can tell you that for certain.
I am glad to see the Mountain remasters are sparking more interest in the band and West and Laing decided to go out back on tour. Rock ‘n’ roll keeps you forever young, just ask these gents, they know.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mountain
  • CD Title: Eruption (2-CD)
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Fuel 2000
  • Tracks: CD1 Hard Times Never In My Life Spark Theme For An Imaginary Western Nantucket Sleighride Mississippi Queen Rocky Mountain Way CD2 Why Dontcha For Yasgur’s Farm Crossroads The Sea Nantucket Slieghride ( To Owen Coffin) House of The Rising Sun Dreams of Milk and Honey
  • Musicians: Leslie West (Guitar/Vocals), Corky Laing (Drums/Vocals), Ritchie Scarlet (Bass/Vocals), Mark Clarke (Bass/Vocals);
  • Rating: Four Stars
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