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Good Bread Alley by Carl Hancock Rux

Magnificent rhythm can grab you every time. If the rhythm in this recording doesn’t penetrate your soul and you can’t hear the message, I would say that something is seriously lacking in your sensibilities. The character of this recording is basic. It begs to reach into the very recesses of your connections with human instinct. The seductive lure of Rux’s voice is clear. Entangle his vocalization with parallel forces of the music and the result is one hell of a statement.

The decorative vehicle of the mixing does its job. The mixing supplies a programmatic layer to the words and buttresses their impact. The lyric metaphoses nearly into opera. Each song reveals another avenue in the story. The story? About truth, justice and the American way? No, it is larger than that. The story is concerned with what to believe in at all given the constant confrontations that equal daily life for the African-American, the artist, the downtrodden, the disabled, the poor.... the minor players. Of course, the questions are raised about the direction in which anyone can go and once the direction is found can anyone be recognized for talent, giftedness, artfulness, beauty and, most significantly, mere humanness.

The edge dividing the body and the soul and mind defies definition. How many times has art addressed this edge and from the addressing culture evolves. Carl Hancock Rux has worked with a stellar team to stretch and magnify electronic, blues, rap, classical, gospel, rock and jazz ethics into a peculiarly exuberant sound portrait of his compositions. His compositions walk the edge, going forward without teetering.

Ain’t no mistaking Good Bread Alley for some pretentious effort to aggravate wrath at the status of the ever-present divisions between art and life. Rather Good Bread Alley gets you going and makes you pay attention, one more time. You are strangely liberated.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carl Hancock Rux
  • CD Title: Good Bread Alley
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Thirsty Ear
  • Rating: Five Stars
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