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I'm So Glad: The Complete 1931 Paramount Recordings by Skip James

I have always enjoyed blues music, especially the early sounds that lay the groundwork for later musical innovations. As a former pianist, I still love the musical sounds of the blues, and I like to hear it performed with different instruments. For those interested in early blues, Skip James is a good starting reference point.

Nehemiah Skip James was born in 1902 and brought up at the Woodbine Plantation near Bentonia, Mississippi. He became interested in music during 1909 and had his first guitar at that time. After World War One, James and others developed what was to become the Bentonia Style of blues. I'M SO GLAD: THE COMPLETE 1931 PARAMOUNT RECORDINGS is testament to the uniqueness of what James achieved.

This CD collection has high production values and the sound of singer and guitar is incredibly clear for songs recorded decades past. There are 18 selections on this CD, each a musical perspective on life and human relationships. James had a gift for thumbwork on the bass strings when performing which is evident in all of his recordings.

Among the unique blues songs found in this collection are: "Devil Got My Woman," "Four O Clock Blues," "Be Ready When He Comes," "I m So Glad," "How Long Buck," "Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues," "What Am I To Do Blues," "22-20 Blues," "If You haven t Any Hay, Get On Down The Road," among others. "22-20 Blues" is a showcase piece, highly memorable, and like "I m So Glad," will linger in the audience's mind long after the last note is heard!

This is a classic blues recording by Skip James, and one that should be in blues music collectors' libraries. James died during 1969 while making a comeback in blues music. His blues genius is readily seen in "How Long Buck" and "22-20 Blues."

Congratulations to Document Records and those involved in bringing these songs and Skip James back into the public spotlight for those who enjoy blues music. This is first class blues entertainment from Skip James.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Skip James
  • CD Title: I'm So Glad: The Complete 1931 Paramount Recordings
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 1990
  • Reissue Original Release: 1931
  • Record Label: Document Records Ltd.
  • Musicians: Skip James, composer, vocals, guitar.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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