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Living on Love by Pete Alderton

It’s always a long feel-good moment when you get to settle back and enjoy the type of smoky, raspy, blues that Pete Alderton’s Living On Love offers. Alderton’s steely, wailing, pleading style of blues vocals puts one in a place with a bar, low lighting, one other person with that look in his/her eye who just happens to dig you, no door, no way out. You’re left there to deal with the resounding sound of the bold, bellowing blues and all that it brings and each other, a very good thing. Whatcha gonna do? First, just smile at your good fortune. This man from rural England and African-American roots comes with everything he has to sell his brand of blues with a vengeance.

Where do we begin with this smooth collection of tunes? One curious cut, complete with decent strings, would be "Jesus in a Bottle." How does one take a title like that? It’s actually a very smooth, tastefully stroked piece. Oh, the gravelly voice is still very much present, but the edge is controlled. "A Fool For Your Body/Witching Hour" sounds like a stepped-up version of the super bluesy ZZ Top blues anthem, "Fool For Your Stockings." ZZ guitarist extraordinaire Billy Gibbons could probably identify very well with the feel, stepped-up or not. "Give Me All Your Love" is a really melodic and catchy blues number with lots of that special "something" that's really special to blues enthusiasts (like me). What it’s missing is that sharp and telling guitar solo that would have accentuated the story in a few riffs.

If it’s good, not dainty, blues you seek, Alderton’s got what you need. Stop by, say hey, and sample a bit.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Pete Alderton
  • CD Title: Living on Love
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: SongWays/Ozella Music
  • Rating: Three Stars
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