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Mojo Priest by Steven Seagal & Thunderbox

On Mojo Priest, Steven Seagal and Thunderbox's second album, there is a steady groove that is consistent throughout. The first song, "Somewhere In Between," contains a Bluesy Doors rhythm and much piano pounding, "I need you to set me free if you can." "Love Doctor" sounds like Jerry Lee Lewis. "Hoochie Koochie Man" is reminiscent of George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone." There is sexual connotation everywhere you look on this album, including the apparent song titles "Alligator Ass," "Talk To My Ass," "Dust My Broom" and "She Dat Pretty."

All songs are under four minutes long, except for "Slow Boat To China," which despite the name, stands at more than eight minutes long. The last three songs are 30 second tidbits of rambling, "Mama why'd you stay last night, didn't come home ‘til the sun was shinin’ bright."

Buried are the words from his bio on his MySpace page that sum up his musical experience, "I believe one can experience complete realization and liberation through sight and sound. Through music we can become enlightened." Based on Mojo Priest, it sounds like Steven Seagal desires to enlighten the masses with physical hedonism rather than intellect. No problem here as Steven has charmed a generation of women and still is.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Steven Seagal & Thunderbox
  • CD Title: Mojo Priest
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Steamroller Productions
  • Tracks: Somewhere In Between, Love Doctor, Dark Angel, Gunfire In A Juke Joint, My Time Is Numbered, Alligator Ass, BBQ, Hoochie Koochie Man, Talk To My Ass, Dust My Broom, Slow Boat To China, She Dat Pretty, Red Rooster, Shake.
  • Rating: Three Stars
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