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Sadie Mae by Nick Moss & The Flip Tops

A century ago, the Impressionist painters threw the art world into a spin when they painted scenes "as they saw them" rather than copying nature. Nick Moss could truly be termed a blues Impressionist. He delivers his impression of the blues once heard on Chicago’s sadly missed Maxwell Street. Moss makes no attempt to grab a lick from any of his idols but uses his ample talents to forge a sound that he likes.

The young guitarist penned 12 of the 16 songs on his Sadie Mae CD. The remaining pieces are the work of the late Earl Hooker (You Got To Lose), pianist Bob Welsh (Coldcut Stomp), Walter Williams (If I Could Get My Hands On You) and James A. Lane (Crazy Woman Blues). The Chicago bluesman was mentored by the late Jimmy Rogers (1924-1997), who played 2nd guitar in Muddy Waters’ fine band of the early 1950s.

Moss’ compositions are serious business. We especially admire "One Eyed Jack," "Grease Monkey," "The Bishop" and the contemplative "Everybody Got To Go." The leader’s guitar style is nothing less than astounding and when paired with the talents of Gerry Hundt, Bob Welsh, Dave Wood and Victor Spann, this band is unstoppable. Pianist Bob Welsh penned the lively "Coldcut Stomp," an instrumental boogie-woogie item that smacks of Pinetop Smith, Cow Cow Davenport and Memphis Slim. If you don’t stomp your feet, you must be dead.

Another album highlight is "Crazy Woman Blues." Moss delivers a touching vocal and Gerry Hundt’s harp almost weeps. Hundt is a brilliant player throughout the CD. "Crazy Woman Blues" gets my vote as the Flip Tops’ finest number.

The band has two nominations under their belt for the 2006 Blues Music Awards (formerly the W.C.Handy Awards) to be held this May. Sadie Mae is nominated for Blues Album Of The Year and Traditional Blues Album Of The Year and we wish them well. It’s a most deserving project.

Nick Moss and the Flip Tops are presently on tour starting in New York and finding their way through stops in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia. They’ll spend March touring Florida. A schedule appears on the band’s website where you can also hear some sound clips. CD Baby has even more sound samples.

This CD gets five gold stars!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nick Moss & The Flip Tops
  • CD Title: Sadie Mae
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Blue Bella Records
  • Tracks: Sadie Mae, I Never Forget, Check My Pulse, Just Like That, Ridin’ At The Ranch, One Eyed Jack, Grease Monkey, The Money I Make, Feel So Ashamed, The Coldcut Stomp, The Bishop, You Got To Lose, If I Could Get My Hands On You, Crazy Woman Blue, Everybody Got To Go, Gone Hoggin’)
  • Musicians: Nick Moss (lead guitar, vocals, harmonica on # 15, rhythm guitar on # 9), Gerry Hundt (harmonica, rhythm guitar, lead guitar on # 9), Bob Welsh (piano, organ), Dave Wood (bass), Victor Spann (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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