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Shine by Joe Vicino & The Smokedaddys

Joe Vicino & The Smokedaddys sure are smokin’, oh yeah. Their new record Shine tells the story in so many ways. They could not have chosen a better name for the album because they absolutely shine on every track. Right out of the gate with the funky and soulful "You Got it Going On" to the title track "Shine," a gorgeous bluesy tasteful instrumental stroll, this band has their chops down.

This is a trio with the heartiness and presence of a five-piece band. Joe handles all the guitars, Pete Kiernan plays every type of bass while Ralph Santiago holds down the bottom end with smoothness rarely found on drums and percussion.

The dudes sound like they are from the heart of Austin, Texas rather than Long Island, NY. I was reminded of traditional blues and the electrical energy of Stevie Ray more than once while listening to this killer album, especially on tracks like "Texas Bound," which puts you right on the road to that bustling musical heartland in a second. Vicino’s six-string brilliance shines like the mother of pearl found on some guitar fret boards as he plays with blinding speed and sweet soul on every lick, yes sir! On "Delta Town" Joe’s acoustic slide expertise pays tribute to all the greats that originated from the Mississippi Delta. "We Once Knew" is a bittersweet lament of love highlighting the band’s ability to perform a ballad with as much passion as the rockin’ numbers.

Folks, this is the real McCoy, da blues like it should be, like French fries and ketchup and a burger with cheese, it all goes together just right. Make sure you get just what the doctor ordered, a shot of da blues straight up with no chaser-Joe Vicino & The Smokedaddys new album Shine.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joe Vicino & The Smokedaddys
  • CD Title: Shine
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Hipptone Records
  • Tracks: You Got it Going On Shine Josephine Squeeze Toy Texas Bound Delta Town Black Cloud Blues Scofflaw Blues We Once Knew Before You Close Your Eyes
  • Musicians: Joe Vicino (acoustic, electric, Resonator guitars & vocals), Pete Kiernan (standup, electric and acoustic bass), Ralph Santiago (drums & percussion);
  • Rating: Five Stars
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