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The Last Fair Deal by Rory Block

Youthful and beautiful, Aurora Block plants her flag on the summit of being the finest female traditional blues guitarist and singer. After 15-plus recordings, Ms. Block finally signs with a major label, one that allows her to play her repertoire a collection of older country blues and her plaintive, introspective original compositions. Always present on her recordings are Robert Johnson pieces. On the title cut, Ms. Block illustrates her facile and informed slide guitar style, light years ahead of many of her contemporaries. Also showcased are her soulful, urgent vocals. These attributes are also evident on a brilliant "Traveling Riverside Blues." Ms. Block also represents Eddie "Son" House with his "Country Farm Blues."

But the blues is not all. "Declare" is a thoroughly modern acoustic gospel piece composed by Ms. Block and employing a small choir and the Book of Job. The same themes are addressed in the traditional "Hallelu, Hallelu" and "Look What the Lord has Done." She turns in an inspired "Amazing Grace," weaving the familiar refrain in and out of 100 years of blues instrumentals. Ms. Block is at her most sensual on the sardonic "Sookie Sookie," a tale of a cheating husband and a threadbare wife.

Rory Block deserves all of the favorable attention she has received in the past number of years. She is a keen keeper of the flame, opting to perform traditional songs in a traditional manner. She does this in a way none of her male contemporaries can, from a woman’s perspective and what a perspective that is.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rory Block
  • CD Title: The Last Fair Deal
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Telarc Blues
  • Tracks: Gone Again; Sookie Sookie; Country Farm Blues; Last Fair Deal Gone Down; Declare; Cry Out Loud; Amazing Grace; Traveling Riverside Blues; Mama’s Stray Baby; Hallelu, Hallelu; Two Places At The Table; Awesome Love; Look What The Lord Has Done; Old Friends.
  • Musicians: Rory Block—Guitars, Vocals.
  • Rating: Three Stars
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