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Wear n’ Tear by Tishamingo

Tishamingo sounds like they have paid their dues and have the Wear n’ Tear to prove it. This is a great album. Getting a reminder frequently of the best jam band from the south Widespread Panic on more than one occasion did not seem to hurt while listening to their music and vocal approach, and that is for sure. This talented bunch of roots rockers take a majority of their influence from the blues, and many times from the deep down backcountry blues from where the genre originated. This process and influence is quite evident in most of their songs.

The acoustic picking and slide guitar playing is incredibly good (Jess Franklin and Cameron Williams) throughout this album and I would have to say there is some Allman Brothers influences shooting off some sparks on occasion as well. Even though there is an amalgamation of styles and influences on this recording, Tishamingo keep it fresh and invigorating and maintain their own atmosphere and direction in a unique way. This separates them from the pack and does not allow any room for pigeonholing whatsoever. That will continue to work in their favor as time passes and new bands leave their mark. I would expect a band this sharp and strong to leave quite a legacy behind, if in fact they stay together long enough to do so.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tishamingo
  • CD Title: Wear n’ Tear
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Magnatude
  • Tracks: Wastin Time Hillbilly Wine Poison Whiskey (3:05) Magic Rome Billy Smoked Mullet Willin' to Die Legend of George Nelson Worn Out Soles Ain't Got Time Williams Reprise Franklin'
  • Musicians: Steven Spivey (bass, backing vocals), Richard Proctor (drums, percussion), Jess Franklin (guitar, vocals), Cameron Williams (guitar, vocals);
  • Rating: Five Stars
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