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Alem dos Muros by Ligia Saavedra

Brasil music scene is so rich and diverse in rhythms and talented musicians it is impossible to know them or hear them all. Ligia Saavedra is one of those good but not so famous Brazilian artists. Ligia is a wonderful singer following in the tradition of so many greats female Brazilian singers. Even her phrasing on "No balanco no mar" is reminiscent of the great Elis Regina.

Ligia always soulful voice takes us through a musical journey of sambas, bossas and other rhythms from Brasil. In some tracks like "Alem dos muros," "Tuas maos", "Alem do olhar and Cristais de Saudade," dedicated to her son, Ligia shows us her soft, tender side with beautiful, heartfelt interpretations. Her festive side shines on the danceable tracks, "Tem do," "Cabano, Guajara" and "Cobra Grande".

Every musician does an amazing job on this album, especially the rhythm section of Betinho Taynara on bass and Bruno Mendes on percussion, but some deserve a special mention. Pedrinho Cavaleiro and Alcyr Guimaraes duos with Ligia on Alem dos muros and Tem do. Jeremias Progenio, Pedrinho Cavaleiro, Tatyana Araujo and Ruth Silva fantastic vocal harmonies on Vento, Cobra Grande and No balance do mar. The excellent piano playing of Lenilson Albuquerque on Alem do Olhar, No balance do mar and Cristais de Saudade. The folksy banjo of Andre do Cavaco and the jazzy sax of Harley Bichara on Guajara and Cobra Grande, and the classy guitar of Ziza Padilha on Alem dos muros.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ligia Saavedra
  • CD Title: Alem dos Muros
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2010
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: Alem dos Muros, Vento, Me Permitto, Tem Do, Tuas Maos, Cabano, Guajara, Alem do Olhar, Cobra Grande, No Balanco do Mar, Cristais de Saudade
  • Musicians: Betinho Taynara (bass), Bruno Mendes (percussion), Pedrinho Cavaleiro (vocals), Alcyr Guimaraes (vocals), Jeremias Progenio (vocals), Tatyana Araujo (vocals), Ruth Silva (vocals), Lenilson Albuquerque (piano), Andre do Cavaco (banjo), Harley Bichara (sax), Ziza Padilha (guitar)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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