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Brazil - A Tribute by Fernando Girão

Fernando Girao is not a more recognizable figure in the Brazilian music scene. He deserves more recognition and this double CD Tribute to the composers of Brasil may be the one to place him among the great interpreters of brazilian music. Fernando has a powerful, deep voice and great feeling for this kind of music.

The arrangemnets and musicians are amazing too with Ernesto Leite on piano, Ernie Melkhen on bass, Joao Cabelira on guitars, Zeze N'Gambi on drums Rubem Dantas on percussion and Magoo on tambourine and congas.

With one CD for Bossa Nova and the other for Sambas, for sure you will find some of your favorites songs on this tribute. This double CD includes songs by great Brazilian composers like Tom Jobim, Ivan Lins, Chico Buarque Noel Rosa, Vinicius de Moraes Dori Caymmi, Ary Barroso, wonderful versions of such classics as "Fotografia", "Ligia", "Luiza", "O Pato", "Agua de Beber".

On the Bossa CD Fernando shows he can sing with feeling. Just listen to the great interpretations of Atras da Porta, Choro Bandido and the perfect phrasing on Luiza. His delivery is more bluesy on Ligia and So me faz bem.

On "Rio de Maio", the nostalgic tone on Fernando's voice makes you feel nostalgia of Rio (brazilians call it saudade) even if you have never been there. A perfect homage to Tom Jobim and to Rio de Janeiro.

The definitive version of "Essa mulher" and "Retrato em Branco e Preto" are the ones by the great Elis Regina, but Fernando's interpretation are some of the best I've heard by a male vocalist.

As good as the Bossa CD is, on the Samba CD Fernando really shows how talented he is. Fernando is a master of scat and use it all trough this CD.Can't help yourself but smile listening to some of the scats Fernando improvise on songs like "Agua de Beber", "Soberana Rosa", "Samba da minha terra" and "Marinheiro so".

You're going to enjoy listening to Fernando's interpretations of these beautiful songs.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Fernando Girão
  • CD Title: Brazil - A Tribute
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Numerica
  • Tracks: Atras da Porta, Choro Bandido, Rio de Maio, Retrato em Branco e Preto, Essa Mulher, As Pastorinhas, Luiza, Ligia, Fotografia, Só me fez bem, Samba da Minha Terra, O Ronco da Cuica, Só danço Samba, E com esse que eu vou, Incompatibilidade de Genios, Aló Aló Marciano, O Pato, Na Baixa do Sapateiro, Marinheiro Só, So tinha de ser com Vocé, Agua de Beber, Soberana Rosa, Louvaçao aos Mestres
  • Musicians: Ernesto Leite (piano), Ernie Melkhen (bass), Joao Cabelira (guitars), Zeze N’Gambi (drums), Rubem Dantas (percussion), Magoo (tambourine and congas)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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