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Carioca by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

A "Carioca" is someone born in Rio de Janeiro, is also the abbreviation of the Brazilian dance, the Samba Carioca.... and guess what? Carioca is the title that Carlos Barbosa-Lima has given to his new release which transports listeners from smooth jazz to samba and bossa rhythms.

Barbosa-Lima is known world-wide as a virtuoso guitarist mastering styles from classical to Latin traditional rhythms. He has explored all kinds of music from Leonard Bernstein to Antonio Carlos Jobim.

In Carioca his cats, Duduka da Fonseca, Nilson Matta, Danny Rivera and Marcelio Lopes with Barbosa-Lima make up a whole in order to offer us a romantic CD, full of sweet tropical rhythms. The graceful playing and sound expressions of Barbosa-Lima are soul breaking as in "Farewell" and "Desafinado"....

Carioca is also an album that kicks you into dreamy moods, melancholic valleys and dancing hills. It is all about the quality of Brazilian’s "carioca" and gorgeous "garotas" sensuality. This is perhaps the gift of Barbosa-Lima, he allows us the right to dream about smooth moods and belief in emotions, close to what we call love.

Danny Rivera's voice on "Renunciar," "Entre Guitarra y Voz," "La Voz del Güiro" and "Canciones de amor," will seduce listeners with his loving words sung in the Spanish language. If you like fun with traditional Brazilian rhythms, "Carioca" is the CD to listen to.

Barbosa-Lima’s music succeeds at reaching and touching listeners in order to make them understand the beauty of Brazilian music and his amazing influences. Carioca does this. Beautiful work!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carlos Barbosa-Lima
  • CD Title: Carioca
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Zoho Music
  • Tracks: Cochichando, Passeio No Rio, Carioca, Carinhoso, Samba de Orfeu, Um Amor de Valsa, Um a Zero, Desafinado, Romance, Brejeiro, Renunciar, Entre Guitarra y Voz, Soy, Odeon, Poema de Amor, Samba de uma Nota Só, Lorena, La Voz del Güiro
  • Musicians: Carlos Barbosa-Lima (acoustic guitar), Duduka da Fonseca (percussion), Nilson Matta (acoustic bass), Danny Rivera(vocals), Marcilio Lopes (mandolin)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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