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Check The Beans by Jill Russell and Heather Davis

I was ready to sign up for a vacation tour of Brazil after listening to this CD five times! CHECK THE BEANS is a great, fresh, innovative collection of contemporary Brazilian jazz music, one that will involve the jazz listener in the music of Brazil! With Jill Russell and Heather Davis leading the way, CHECK THE BEANS is without doubt one of the most creative new CDs featuring Brazilian jazz to come about in the year 2000!

In addition to producing this gem of a collection, Jovino Santos Neto also performs piano to Heather Davis' vocals and Jill Russell on flute & alto saxophone. Celso Machado gives us excellent guitar and tamborin expressions, as does Beaujoux on six-string electric bass and Claudio Sion on drums.

This collection includes the songs "Only One Day," "Jujuba" ("Jellybean"), Viola Fora De Moda," "Choro Pro Ze," "Check The Beans" (written by and performed by the highly gifted Jill Russell on flute), "Itaparica," "Like A Lover" ("O Cantador"), "Baiao Do Porao," "Diagonais" ("Diagonal Lines"), "Hoping For The Day," and "Balanga Beico."

Heather Davis has the perfect voice for the Brazilian mood and expression, and her performances on CHECK THE BEANS are an excellent listening experience! Heather Davis is a subtle singer and creates fine sound images with her clear voice.

If you like Brazilian jazz with subtle vocals, get a copy of CHECK THE BEANS as soon as possible and start enjoying the excellent solo work on the CD. All performers work together to produce a genuine sound and feel for Brazilian music. This innovative CD deserves its five stars!

Each song is a winner, and Jill Russell's composition, "Check The Beans," is a wonderful sound adventure to share with a loved one, and friends! A great listening adventure!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jill Russell and Heather Davis
  • CD Title: Check The Beans
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: CTB
  • Musicians: Jill Russell, composer, flute, alto saxophone. Heather Davis, vocals. Celso Machado, guitar and tamorim. Jovina Santos Neto, composer, keyboards, translations. Eduardo Beajoux Barbosa, six-string electric bass. Claudio Sion, drums. Additional artists featured include Ron Miles and Bill Kooper.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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