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Double Rainbow by Nanny Assis

The incredible range of the music produced in Brazil is always dominated by the unceasing Brazilian rhythms - whether it is a slow ballad or a dazzling Samba. Rhythm is king in Brazilian music and dominates its allure.

In addition to the incredible music produced by Brazilian musicians, Portuguese is just a sublimely beautiful language. Even if you don’t understand a single word of Portuguese, the emotional impact of the compositions highlighted by a variety of rhythmic approaches strikes home.

Nanny Assis’s CD Double Rainbow is another worthy example of the genre. Nanny is a very talented guitarist, but it is his gorgeous voice that is the real star of this effort. He is an excellent interpreter of both the ballad and the upbeat rapid fire number.

With the exception of two numbers, all the sixteen pieces are in Portuguese.

I’m always attracted to the exceptions. The first is the opening cut Double Rainbow, which is an English translation of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Chovendo na Roseira. Nanny reprises the Portuguese version to close the CD. The piece was an interesting little piece in English, but I think it felt more at home in its native language.

The other English number is Seal’s Kiss from a Rose. The arrangement highlights guitar, cello, and trumpet - somehow Nanny manages to make the Seal composition his own by putting his Brazilian stamp all over it.

Another intriguing number is Sorrir, the Charlie Chaplin song Smile translated into Portuguese. It works - it works very well in deed. Maybe Charlie should have written in Portuguese.

Nanny also does a bang up version of Mas Que Nada, which I previously heard on Al Jarreau’s Tenderness album - a great number when done by either of these masters.

This album is a delight for anyone who enjoys Brazilian music. Nanny is the consummate artist and exponent of the music.

If you haven’t sampled Brazilian music before Nanny Assis’s Double Rainbow is an excellent introduction.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nanny Assis
  • CD Title: Double Rainbow
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Blue Toucan Music
  • Tracks: Double Rainbow, A Rã, Bihete, O Pato, Nenhum, Mas Que Nada, Melhor Refrão, Magalenha, Sorrir (Smile), Brasileirinho, Folhas, Fecas, Salsinha, Dali Tutu, Kiss from A Rose, Passarim, Revolucão Rural, Chovendo na Roseira
  • Rating: Five Stars
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