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Jobim Jazz by Mario Adnet

Today we take you to Brazil where the guitarist Mario Adnet recorded his instrumental tribute CD to the late Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. Jobim (sometimes referred to as Tom Jobim) is credited with being one of the primary forces behind the creation of Bossa Nova as a musical genre. The late Rock artist Elliott Smith composed a song "Antonio Carlos Jobim" in honor of one of his musical heroes. According to Adnet, the inspiration for the CD was the 80th Anniversary of Jobim’s birth on January 25, 2007 - Jobim died in 1994.

This is as a purely instrumental salute (the vocals when present are lilting "la-la-la" not the actual lyrics). To record the work, Adnet traveled to Brazil, recording with local Brazilian musicians. The result is a superb effort which is both a fitting tribute to Tom Jobim, but also to Brazilian music at its eclectic finest.

When I thought of Brazilian music, Samba and Bossa Nova came to mind, and there are many numbers on that are rich in the rhythms that epitomize music from Brazil. But the album also contains nuggets like "Rancho Nas Nuvens" (Ranch in the Clouds) which is a slow languid composition and just flat out beautiful.

Mario Adnet’s facile, tasteful guitar is featured on most number (including "Surfboard"), but never dominates - he blends with talented musicians he has assembled throughout and also allows the fine musicians to exhibit their many talents.

The selected compositions range from the 1950’s to one, "Bate Boca" (Shouting), which may have been Jobim’s last composition, Jobim never recorded it, and it was never released in the United States. Much music that Jobim composed for movies is included - including numbers from "The Adventurers", the only movie composition work he did for a movie outside of Brazil.

One very unusual effort is "Frevo de Orfeu" (Orpheus’s Frevo) from the classic Brazilian film "Black Orpheus"). The liner notes state, "This is the only incursion by the composer into this different genre". I’m just not certain what the genre is (Fusion Polka?), but this delightful number does not sound like it was composed by someone noted for his influence on Brazilian music.

Jobim Jazz is a well crafted, finely realized a labor of love from Mario Adnet to Tom Jobim. There is a picture in the inside of the CD of Mario Adnet beaming at Tom Jobim as the latter is expounding on something. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mario Adnet
  • CD Title: Jobim Jazz
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Adventure Music
  • Tracks: Domingo Sincopado (Syncopated Sunday), Quebra Pedra (Stone Flower), Sue Ann, Terma Jazz (Jazz Theme), Rancho nas Nuvens (Ranch in the Clouds), Surfboard, Meninos Eu Vi (Hey Boys, I Saw It), Só Danco Samba (I Dance Samba), Paulo Vôo Livre (IPaulo Free Flight), Valsa de Porto das Caixas (Porto das Caixas Waltz), Frevo de Orfeu (Orpheus’s Frevo), Bate Boca (Shouting), Polo Pony
  • Musicians: Mario Adnet (guitar), Marcos Nimrichter (piano), Rafael Barata (drums), Jorge Helder (acoustic Bass) and many others
  • Rating: Five Stars
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