Juntos by Dois no Choro

Paulinho Garcia and Julie Koidin have created a wonderful collection of Brazilian songs in their new 15 selection CD release, DOIS NO CHORO: JUNTOS. If you enjoy the best of Brazilian jazz with the smooth vocals of Paulino Garcia and flute performances of Julie Koidin, this is a flawless recording which will satisfy your wildest musical dreams!

Maria Teresa Madeira is a gifted jazz pianist and she is perfect on her tracks such as "Adios Nonino", and it will be a pleasure to hear her when she releases a solo piano CD. Emily Lewis Mantell plays cello, and she plays it with great sensitivity and style. Every musician is perfectly cast as a creative performer in this exciting collection of songs.

In addition to vocals and guitar, Paulinho Garcia also composes selections for this CD. Among them, "Chorinho Do Paulinho," "E quando...," "Ponto de Enconto," "Chorinho Pra Nos," "Cintura Fina," and "Do You Remember Me?"

Julie Koidin is, as always, a leader in jazz flute performances, and she excells beautifully on these tracks. Altamiro Carrilho and Heitor Garcia and Robert Saliba grace this collection with their outstanding performing gifts and it is a treat to hear them.

Paulinho Garcia's presence fills this collection with the beauty that is the sound of Brazilian jazz, his voice evocative and pure as it blends with the music in a special vocal magic all its own. There is no singer like Paulinho Garcia, a one of a kind vocalist whose unique voice brings out the finest in a song that is long remembered after the song is completed. As to ballads, Paulinho Garcia voice is the equal of the late Frank Sinatra in delivery and sensitivity.

This collection should find a home in many, many jazz lovers' homes simply because it is a beautifully conceived musical creation featuring excellent performances such as the haunting "The Face I Love" with a solo by Emily Lewis Mantell on cello, and Julie Koidin's flute solo on "Bicycle Ride," among many others.

One of the perfect listening gems on this CD is the song composed and sung by Paulinho Garcia titled "Do You Remember Me?," which could become one of Garcia's lovely signature songs. "Do You Remember Me" is worthy of much radio airplay time as is the entire collection. DOIS NO CHORO: JUNTOS is Brazilian jazz at its best!

DOIS NO CHORO: JUNTOS is a five-star winner in all aspects. Excellent plus. (The word, "juntos," means "together," and this Brazilian jazz CD collection is certainly that, a true listening enjoyment!)

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dois no Choro
  • CD Title: Juntos
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Jazzman Records
  • Musicians: Paulinho Garcia, vocals, guitar, and percussion (Track 4, 8: shaker; track 7, tambourim). Julie Koidin, flute on all tracks except 3, 15), and alto flute on tracks 3, 12,and 15). Featuring the following guest artists: Altamiro Carrilho, flute and piccolo on tracks 1 and 11. Maria Teresa Madeira, piano on tracks 2 and 7. Emily Lewis Mantell, cello on tracks 2, 6, 8, 12, and 14. Robert Saliba, pandeiro on tracks 1 and 11. Heitor Garcia, percussion (on track 7, pandeiro, on track 10, bongos, on track 14 clave & zabumba.)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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