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Luz E Pedra by Quito Pedrosa

This is my first exposure to Quito Pedrosa and I have to say I'm very impressed. His new CD Luz e Pedra Light and Stone is a keeper. I kept this CD playing all weekend. Pedrosa manages to interweave a fast hypnotic samba like beat with a mellow relaxing melody that gives you the best of both worlds. The title Light and Stone fits the CD well, as it has the perfect balance of lightness and earthiness.

Composer, arranger and saxophonist, Quito Pedrosa has created a work that garners musical influences from the diversity of the American continent. Using elements of jazz, Afro-Latin music and especially Brazilian Music, Pedrosa's most recent work is dedicated to his grandfather, the art critic, Mario Pedrosa. Quito Pedrosa showcases his eclectic style with a rendition that emphasizes a classically acoustic almost chamber-like tone. The presence of a suit of flute, flugelhorn and clarion, give a counterpoint to the melodies of the treble saxophone, while the use of congas, tambourines rattleboxes, clef, xequere and cymbal highlight the Latin influence.

I liked all the cuts, but preferred the slower tracks. The first cut, "Tres Da Manha," is a mellow and introspective tune. Pedrosa's treble sax takes the lead giving it a traditional Latin- jazz feeling, but with a light whimsical touch that would make it very palatable for most smooth jazz lovers. It has an almost classical clarity of tone.

Cut three, "Piedra V Candela" and cut four,"Decantando," give a feeling of free falling and wheeling adventoursly through the sky like a bird learning to fly. They both speed up in little flurries of tempo so quick, it only gives you a chance to swing your hips once before it runs away. Cut four inserts an occasional quick Rondo like beat that quickens your pulse before settling back to the lullaby melody.

Cut five and six are all about the dance. "Valsa No Mar" has Flamenco like intensity inter- mixed with floating flute melodies, while "Andando" is lyrical, like a sweet slow dance, the last of the evening when you're lingering, waiting for the last note. To this add a hypnotic percussive finale.

On cut nine, "Manifesto," the beat is definitely all there. There is a ringing percussive excitement that is both sweet and funky. It is reminiscent of Special Effects "Global Village" cut from 1992.

If you like Brazilian Jazz and fusion, particularly, Herbie Mann during his Bossa Nova period, you'll love this music. It has a slight strand of melancholy mixed with joy that will keep you smiling through the tears. This is lovely music for a rainy day at home.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Quito Pedrosa
  • CD Title: Luz E Pedra
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Biscoito Fino
  • Musicians: Treble saxophone: Quito Pedrosa; Flutes: Andrea Ernst Diaz; Flugel and Trumpet: Nelson Oliveira; Clarion: Rui Alvim; Guitar: Bernardo Bosisio; Rhodes Piano: Marco Tommaso; Acoustic contrabass: Bruno Migliari; Congas and percussion: Leo Leobons; Percussion: Sidon Silvia; Cymbals: Pedro Strasser; Composition and arrangements: Quito Pedrosa; Produced by Ze Al and Quito Pedrosa
  • Rating: Five Stars
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