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A Good Cup of Joe by Joe Fuentes

The Jazz Review's 1997 New Jazz Artist of the Year, Joe Fuentes is once again working on his next release, sure to impress the most critical of jazz ears with his soulful and rhythmically defined guitar playing style. Still in its pre-release phase we were fortunate enough to get a four track demo of this soon to be released contemporary jazz "Must Have" CD. This budding new artist has touched the hearts of the frequent visitors of the local coffee houses around the San Francisco area.

Inspired by these surroundings Joe explains, "It's one of my great pleasures to sit at a coffee house and think about musical ideas while having a good capuccino, watching people interact with one another. I am fond of watching the people who sit alone with their things--like a book, a pen and notebook, a magazine, or whatever. That is when I come up with musical phrases."

"Slow Brew" enters with a strong bass line behind the highly tuned sound of Joe's acoustic guitar. Joe strikes notes with meaning and precision and strums both the tracks soothing rhythm and story telling melody. Slowing things down on "After Dinner", Joe plays a romantically inspiring ballad that sets the mood just right. Picking up the pace a bit, "Down Polk Street" adds a bit of upbeat flavor that is moves the soul not allowing this melody to escape your musical memory.

Joe is on his way to becoming one of the great jazz guitarists of his time. Experience and savor "A Good Cup of Joe" I'm sure you will enjoy it and ask for a second cup. Stop by his website to check out a few audio samples of this great new release. Again, this is a "Must Have" for all jazz fans, get your copy through Joe's website.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joe Fuentes
  • CD Title: A Good Cup of Joe
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Rating: Five Stars
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