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Andrea Faschetti - Cinema

Andrea Fascetti, the Italian electric bassist has a second album as leader, Cinema. His first CD - dedicated to Steve Swallow, entitled Dedicated To Steve 2008 on the Philology label displayed Fascetti's formidable talents as a seven-string bassist. Cinema finds Fascetti exploring the movie soundtrack genre along with pianist Andrea Caribaldi, and drummer Massimo Manzi. Guest artist on three of the songs is trumpeter Marco Bartalini. Of the ten songs that make up the album three are Fascetti originals, tributes to his movie idols and his self-professed love of cinema.

On the original composition "Vincent Price", dedicated to the actor who appeared in numerous classic movies from the late 1930's through to the 90's, Fascetti gives the superstar of horror a classic romp. Through a spirited, moderately paced song with Bartalini's grinding Flugelhorn at centre stage the plot twists and turns with emotional highs and lows. Fascetti reverts to the basics with a solid marching bass line sounding like an acoustic bass and accompanied by a cool rhythm from drummer Manzi producing a "Peter Gunn" kind of feel- Mancini's essence of cool. A sinister tension builds under the haunting Flugelhorn sounds and dynamic piano playing by Caribaldi that accentuate the drama, ending on a satisfying blue note.

The other two original compositions "A Mario Monicelli" and "Cinema Centrale" are very different from each other, the former, a beautiful ballad, a moving tribute to one of Italy's foremost movie directors, the later a fast paced, exciting composition. The trio moves into fusion territory on "Cinema Centrale" with all band members burning. The seven strings of Fascetti's bass are tested, while drums fire on overdrive and piano weaves an intricate melodic brocade. 

The sound track songs make for fun listening. Some movies overshadow the songs, "Schindler's List" and "Twisted Nerve" (theme song for Kill Bill) are songs that do not really jump out at you as a reminder of their respective movies. "Alice In Wonderland", "Days of Wine and Roses" and "Mission Impossible" are immediately recognizable as movie sound tracks. "Secret Love" an Oscar winning song for Doris Day and "When I Fall In Love" from the 1952 Robert Mitchum movie One Minute to Zero are songs that have become classics. Fascetti gives the song "When I Fall In Love" its romantic due, adding trumpeter Bartalini, who tears out heart and soul in less than three minutes.

Cinema is a tasteful album, a wonderful production and highlights a gifted group of musicians under the talented leadership of electric bassist and composer Mr. Andrea Fascetti. 



Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Andrea Faschetti
  • CD Title: Cinema
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2011
  • Tracks: Schindler's List, A Mario Monicelli, Cinema Centrale, Twisted Nerve, Alice In Wonderland, Secret Love, Days of Wine and Roses, Vincent Price, Mission Impossible Theme, When I Fall In Love
  • Musicians: Andrea Fascetti (bass), Andrea Caribaldi (piano), Massimo Manzi (drums), Marco Bartalini (trumpet, flugelhorn)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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