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Dedicated To Steve by Andrea Fascetti

Andrea Fascetti is an Italian bassist and composer, his debut release Dedicated To Steve includes five originals and six Steve Swallow compositions. His band consists of countryman Riccardo Arrighini (piano), Riccardo Fioravanti (double bass) and Massimo Manzi (drums). This is a jazz quartet that swings with lively energy. Mr. Fascetti plays an electric seven string bass and would seem an honorable disciple of the Steve Swallow style of playing bass as an electric guitar. Fascetti has developed a bold arch top sound, somewhere in the median of a Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell flavour. The music flows with passion, the sounds are delightful, a stirring tribute.

The first track of the recording "Mr. Steve Swallow" sets the tone and makes a clear statement has to whom the project is dedicated. Andrea Fascetti opens up the rhythmic number in double time and proceeds to produce high end single note runs that have you checking the liner notes to see who the guest guitarist is. The energy is carried forward by the spirited percussive piano playing of Riccardo Arrighini. The rhythm section of drummer, Manzi and double bassist, Fioravanti provide swinging accompaniment.

The Steve Swallow compositions "Eiderdown", "Outfits", "Wrong Together", "Muddy In The Bank", "Falling Grace" and "Bug In A Rug" are all performed very true to their original versions. "Falling Grace" is a melancholy beauty; the song features a couple of long, yet tasteful solos by Mr. Fascetti. The other members of the band do not get much of a chance to roam. When opportunity presents itself there are some pleasant moments from pianist Arrighini as well as acoustic bassist Fioravanti. Drummer, Manzi is in the role of swinging time keeper and bomb dropper - care of his open hi-hats and wild crashes. A dynamic, dynamite drummer.

The recording Dedicated To Steve closes with "Blues For Electric Bass (Reprise)" an upbeat tune that is a duet between electric and acoustic bass. Sometimes both bass players are playing as traditional bassist’s. At other times during this short, under four minute song, you have electric bass played with high note runs, melodic chords, abrupt, accented chords, slide guitar sounds and plucked harmonics, while the acoustic bass lays down a walking blues pattern, interspersed with strumming, percussive snaps, the bending of notes and marching into high end territory. A pleasant tribute recording to a master bassist, and a fine albeit safe display of European jazz by this quartet of Italian musicians.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Andrea Fascetti
  • CD Title: Dedicated To Steve
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Philology Records
  • Rating: Three Stars
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