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DMBQ Live by Davidson Murley Braid Quintet

DMBQ Live is a first rate collaborative effort from a group of Canadian award winning musicians. The highlight feature is the spirited interaction and obvious improvisation that occurs throughout the well crafted compositions. At just over an hour in length, eight tracks are performed live and captured at The Western Front, a club in Vancouver. Contemporary jazz at its best, excellent solos from pianist David Braid and saxophonist’s Mike Murley and Tara Davidson with tremendous support from drummer Ian Froman and bassist Jim Vivian.

"Reason Season Lifetime", Davidson’s composition swings with intensity. Opening with an intricate saxophone phrase, a harmony of soprano and alto tones. A catchy melody develops with a moderate tempo up front and a double time rhythm in the background. The saxophone solos run the gamut of emotions. The changes flow smoothly and you can just envision the elemental moods of seasons in transition.

Braid and Murley have each contributed three songs. Murley is a composer who pays respect to tradition. He has a bold tenor sound, very clean, clear and concise playing. Phrasing that swings passionately with statements that flow from line to line. His song "On the Spot" is a glorious tune in a classic, bebop tradition.

David Braid has an obvious respect for tradition; "Say A Silent Prayer" seems to give thanks to that which came before, a classical voice, a fusion of styles. A beautiful melody. A melancholy tune and one that’s reminiscent of a soulful gospel song. "Wash Away" is another melancholy song, a classical waltz. Braid introduces the song with solo piano. The song explores the classical tradition in a jazz inspired manner, with sustained saxophone lines that cry out with mournful refrain.

DMBQ Live is an album that is worth exploring. The solid rhythm section of David Braid, Jim Vivian and Ian Froman allow two stellar saxophonists to freely create. The result, high art and exciting entertainment.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Davidson Murley Braid Quintet
  • CD Title: DMBQ Live
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: Things, Code Breaking, Say A Silent Prayer, The Call, Tide Line, Reason Season Lifetime, Wash Away, On The Spot
  • Musicians: David Braid (piano),Mike Murley, Tara Davidson (saxophone), Ian Froman(drums), Jim Vivian(bass)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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