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Groovetree by Lin Rountree

When jazz trumpeter Lin Rountree blows his trumpet and flugelhorn the layers of soulful grooves wafting through the air will instantly captivate and excite. Groovetree, Rountree's debut project brings such depth of tone and character to his music that it’s almost hard to believe this is a debut CD. Rountree comes from the Detroit jazz scene and brings his brand of R&B, soul, funk and ambient style for all to fall in love with.

Groovetree’s driving force is the superb quality that Rountree brings to his trumpet and fluglehorn playing. The first track, "For Your Love," features guest guitarist Tim Bowman, and along with Rountree on flugelhorn this one creates sensual rhythms throughout. Rountree’s muted trumpet/flugelhorn on "Everyday" is soulful and urban, effectively producing a mood of sensuality with soft grooves and even softer ambiance. "Into The Night" continues the mood as Rountree blows sweet notes of seduction through his trumpet and flugelhorn.

The title track, "Groovetree" highlights Rountree’s funky side through muted trumpet. This one is alive with energy as the band grooves with Rountree to produce a tune that is very dance worthy. The only vocal track on the CD, "The Message" is sung beautifully by Leslie Nelson. You can almost feel the passion dripping from Nelson's voice on this soulful tune.

For the perfect mix of groove and funk crank up "Bio-Funk" and prepare to be blown away. Rountree once again shows his considerable chops and range on the trumpet and flugelhorn. Next up, "Villicious" is simply delicious. Along with Rountree’s muted horn is Brandon Williams on keyboards producing a soothing and sensual atmosphere much like a soft summer breeze as it genly washes over you. Switching things up again is "Candie." This track is lively, bright and full of rhythm with jazzy bass grooves capably performed by Al Turner. The tone remains up-tempo with "Akiré" as Rountree once again brings his muted trumpet and flugelhorn to the forefront injecting his talents into our hearts and minds. Lastly, "Lullaby For Renarta" will soothe as it brings a sense of calmness and tenderness. Rountree on flugelhorn and Tony Gordon on Keyboards is all that’s needed to produce this beautiful ballad.

With this debut CD, Rountree not only performs fabulous grooves, but he wrote or co-wrote all of the songs as well. Rountree's gift for sexy, soulful and exquisitely expressive tones proves he’s here to stay and one can only hope he graces our hearts and ears with his next project sooner rather than later. Groovetree is sure to be on the top shelf of many a jazz lovers collection.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lin Rountree
  • CD Title: Groovetree
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: BDK Records
  • Tracks: For Your Love, Everyday, Into The Night, Groovetree, The Message, Bio-Funk, Villicious, Candie, Akire, Lullaby For Renarta
  • Musicians: Lin Rountree (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal arrangement), Tim Bowman (guitar), Al Turner (bass), Ron Otis (drums), Dana Davis (programming, keyboards, synthesizers), Darryl Dixon (guitar), LaFruance (guitar), D’Andre Thomas (bass), Bamm Davis (piano), Brandon Williams (keyboards, programming), Tony Gordon (keyboards), Leslie Nelson (vocals), Billy Meadows (vocal arrangement)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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