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Hello Troll by Helge Lien Trio

Ozella Music is a Norwegian record label, an enterprise of musician, producer, and composer Dagobert Böhm. Three labels provide a base for artists with productions from the following areas World, Jazz and Instrumental. I recently received a cd from one of Ozella’s award winning artists, the Helge Lien Trio. Their most recent project Hello Trollis a tremendous piano trio, and a recording that is most deserving of Norway’s highest musical honours. A contemporary jazz trio that should be known to North American audiences as one of the best.

The recording Hello Troll is comprised of nine Helge Lien original compositions. The songs are lyrical, with bold beautiful melodies that stir the imagination and paint portraits of romanticism in your minds eye. The songs are played to perfection with the strength of a trio now on to their sixth album. The trio is Helge Lien playing piano, Frode Berg on bass and drummer Knut Aalefjaer. The influences that come through on the compositions are varied from Shorter to Holland and Evans to Davis, the modernists are well represented and in good company.

The introduction to the trio is presented with finesse and glory on "Gamut Warning". There is no let up from song to song. The power of the group and the energy of the songs create a flow that is at once both addictive and appealing to all of the senses. The song "Axis Of Free Will" takes the listener on a journey of imagination and adventure that is free form modal music at its most sublime.

The magic continues through all nine compositions of Hello Troll, culminating in a song that opens with simple piano notes struck in a slow and methodical manner. The group joins in after a few bars, lending substance to a haunting melody. "In The Wind Somewhere" is a ballad featuring a swaying melody that rolls as waves of wind currents and swaggers with dignity while growing and fading in dynamic splendor.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Heige Lien Trio
  • CD Title: Hello Troll
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Ozella Music
  • Tracks: Gamut Warning, Axis Of Free Will, Radio, Troozee, Diverted Dance, It Is What It Is But It Is, Halla Troll, Snurt, In The Wind Somewhere
  • Musicians: Heige Lien (piano), Frode Berg (bass), Knut Aalefjaer (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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