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Jazz World Trios by Mark Weinstein

JAZZ WORLD TRIOS crosses the lines and beautifully blends the sounds of world music with Cuban jazz, Brazilian jazz, Latin jazz, American blues, African jazz,and contemporary American jazz. It is a most unusual and exciting collection of 6 original songs with a each having a long, innovative play time. The song, "Baiao Granfino" is a great work in harmony and imagery, and it has a running play time of 15:51 minutes.

Other songs include "Eleggua" (9:50 minutes), "LKC Blues" (13:55 minutes), "Nos E O Mar," (7:23), "Babalu Aye" (12:37 minutes, and "Pero Como El Amor," (7.26 minutes). Each song is unique, and each song is different.

Weinstein, Bourell, Cardona, Lubambo, Baptista, Debriano, and Blackman each contribute to joint sharing of musical compositions, and each contributes some outstanding jazz motifs. This CD showcases the great flute talent of Mark Weinstein and is sure to please jazz flute listeners.

Mark Weinstein is always a treat to listen to, and in this world music collection, he is in top form. Every musician on this CD performs well, and with style,feeling,and imagination. A highly innovative collection, this CD will attract many new listeners to the sound of Mark Weinstein.

In a very special way, JAZZ WORLD TRIOS is a classic of contemporary jazz, and a must-have for the jazz listeners' library. A top-notch recording with something for everybody. Five stars.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mark Weinstein
  • CD Title: Jazz World Trios
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Record Label: LKC Productions
  • Musicians: Mark Weinstein (flute), with Jean-Paul Bourelly (guitar), Milton Cardona (Cuban Percussion), Romero Lubambo (Classical guitar), Cyro Baptista (Brazilian Percussion), Santi Debriano (String Bass), Cindy Blackman (drums).
  • Rating: Five Stars
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