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Locutions by Rinsethealgorithm

Rich Brown is a talented bassist, a composer and the leader of the band Rinsethealgorithm. The band has released their debut recording Locutions, eleven tracks. Songs that blend a mix of electric with acoustic, jazz with funk, all presented with spirit and glory, high energy and extreme musicianship. The foundation is in the very capable hands of Mr. Brown on six string electric bass. Larnell Lewis keeps the drums burning with jazz intensity and pianist Robi Botos and David Virelles share the piano and keyboard duties with lightning and thunder. The lead instrument obligation falls in place with superb efficiency by Luis Deniz, a saxophonist of dynamic proportions. In short, this is best described as a super group with a super album.

The big influence, the common factor, the algorithm that makes it all come together is a jazz sensibility that makes for a vibrant, new, fresh sound. The world influences come through, the appreciation of classical music is present, and there are good helpings of funk, fusion and an ever present hard driving jazz groove. The drive to incorporate a modern contemporary sound is the over riding element and the key component in differentiating this music with other fusionists of the past. Similarities to past fusion bands exist, but this is a fresh and exciting contemporary approach.

There are some special treats, the two different and very exciting piano styles from Virelles and Botos. Fast and furious with wonderful phrasing, this is Robi Botos a super-human piano virtuoso. Cadence and tone, excitement and fury, this is the playing of Botos especially on the song, "Constellation 149". Virelles’ playing on "Soothe The Machinery" produces ultra melodic musings, with waterfall runs and classical sounding refinement. Shifts in meter and chords of fine accompaniment splash in the backdrop. An energy - a superior focus and a constant pulse that blends, colours and breathes fresh life into every note that is played. Through the use of syncopated measures, breathtaking pauses and dynamics of pure beauty, his minimalist approach makes for the most enchanting of piano styling. A soothing pianist who delights with virtuosic refinement.

On the tune "Black Nimbus", opening with an enchanting piano line, a funky sounding bass and drum rhythm lay down a catchy sound. A synthesizer fades in creating a full orchestral maneuver, emulating a horn section. A soulful rendering blossoms forth with a billowing melodic bass solo by Rich Brown, an interlude that stirs the imagination, creating a wonderful imagery in tonal colour, with modulation of serenity and a serenade of audio sensory beauty. The over riding feel is one of calm. The saxophone in an alto voicing smoothly swings into view with a distinct style of phrasing that is unmistakable. Luis Denis is developing a sound and style that is very singular. From peace and serenity to fully engaged, the dynamic rises to extreme levels. Excitement is boiling over, passion and the desire to communicate from the depths of ones soul is what you hear, a saxophonist of unmatched dynamism. Mr. Deniz introduces the phrasing of a new melody, a gorgeous tone takes shape, and an interpretation of ingenuity develops. The band rides this wave of new found discovery and the song, by way of saxophone returns to the original melody, a circuitous adventure in musical acrobatics of the highest order.

Locutions has been in the making for a few years. The group formed in 2004 has played the local club and concert scene; they’ve been nominated for jazz awards and have won many an accolade. The release of their debut album should be the start of something grand, a culmination of spirit and energy that should propel Rinsethealgorithm into the future with a solid foundation to build and grow upon.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rinsethealgorithm
  • CD Title: Locutions
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: Urban Nocturnal, Constellation 149, The Purple Time, Algorithmic, Hibiscus, Locutions, Black Nimbus, Forward Motion…(In Progress), Soothe The Machinery, As If Sleepwalking With Headphones On, The Lakeside Stroll
  • Musicians: Rich Brown (bass), Luis Deniz (saxophone), Robi Botos, David Virelles (piano, keyboards), Larnell Lewis (drums),Yvette Tollar (vocals), Roula Said, Alejandra Nunez, Jean Francois Groulx, Jasna Jovicevic, Jutta Brendemuehl, Debashis Sinha(Guest Vocalists)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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