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Oscar by Serge Forte Trio

If jazz proves one thing throughout its historical journey, it’s that the tragedy lies, when that which is unleashed is not experienced.

Serge Forte is an experience one should grasp, and often. His ivory "Take the A-Train" is nothing less than meticulousness musicianship; for his implementation of his Oscar Peterson influence, has a very precise vision. Forte seeds the dramatic flair of his 2008 tribute release from Ella Productions Oscar, by offering an honoring perspective to jazz icon, Oscar Peterson.

With each cut, one gets a feeling that Mr. Peterson’s influence is sitting on the piano bench with him.

I was so taken by the ivory journey that, I allowed myself a comparative spin of "Take the A-Train." I recently spun the late Michel Petrucciani’s "Take the A-Train" and listened in amazement to that fever pitch execution of numerous dialogues. Specifically the left hand arrangement piece in the introduction, which Forte developed in the company of good friend Petrucciani. In the same breath, I felt that same pulsation with Forte as I did with Petrucciani, allowing anticipation in; with the exuberance of his revolutionary ivory craftsmanship’s next push-n-play.

The melting pot of mixed musical emotions in the intro to "Summertime" is another fine example of rigorous improvisation. This Gershwin classic jazz sways into another dimension with this juggernaut arrangement. Partnered with Charlie Obins percussions; leading the foundational beat to Jean Weller’s bass, acting as the trio’s able guide; the sound is crafty and delicious.

Like many of the pieces on this project what comes to life is the psyche of Serge Forte. Whether you spin Forte’s own "Canadian Market Place" or Rollins "Saint Thomas", the experience has that rare aura of exclusivity when technique is bantered about amongst the populace.

Forte is in a classical sphere few have accomplished, cleverly dispensing sly jazz concepts.... Oscar is a blue-chip spin; heavy in sophisticated intellect!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Serge Forte Trio
  • CD Title: Oscar
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Ella Productions
  • Tracks: Rock of Ages,Moanin’, Canadian Market Place,Take the A Train, Funky Oscar, Caravan, Indiana, Saint Thomas, Summertime, Nigerian Market Place
  • Musicians: Serge Forté (piano), Jean Wellers (contrebasse), Charley Obin (percussions)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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