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Painting the Sun by David Lanz

David Lanz and his new album, Painting the Sun is well worth the listen, it is well worth to let the disc turn, turn, turn in your CD player.

Following up on his 2006 release Sacred Road Revisited, Lanz says the title Painting the Sun is "The art of painting [that] can be described as an act of individual artistic expression. The use of color, texture, shape and shading; ideas and feelings expressed visually that reflect the heart, mind, and soul of the painter."

Lanz’s use of color, texture, shape and shading all come across in his music as well. "Daybreak Flower" is an excellent piece that sees Lanz start slow and uses shading to build to the finish.

"Midnight Reverie" sees more expressions or color from Lanz. This sees an almost guidance from above when upon repeated listenings.

The 1960s has always been a focal point for Lanz and his interpretation of the Byrd’s classic "Turn, Turn, Turn (to everything there is a season)" is a prime example of taking something old and making it new but still keeping it old. You may not recognize it from the intro but as soon as Lanz gets to the ever recognizable chorus, you will find yourself humming along.

What sounds like a waltz, "The Enchantment" may just be the standout on the album. Lanz really hits his stride during the second chorus or theme? And makes this all work.

Finally the album ends with "Sleeping Dove". Lanz’s arrangement of this Native American lullaby shows why Lanz has been so successful over the years. This absolutely amazing piece is an excellent way to end the album.

The use of colors by David Lanz on Painting the Sun is evident. This album is a valuable edition to any piano collection.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Lanz
  • CD Title: Painting the Sun
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Shanachie
  • Tracks: Painting the Sun, Spanish Blue, The Enchantment, Her Solitude, First Snow, Turn, Turn, Turn, (to everything there is a season), Hymm (Sanctuary Rose rondo is a g minor), Evening Song, Midnight Reverie, Daybreak Flower, Sleeping Dove (Salish Lullaby, from Heart of the Bitterfoot)
  • Musicians: David Lanz (piano)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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