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The Chris Crocco Fluid Trio + by Chris Crocco

New York-based guitarist Chris Crocco displays flowing improvisational lines with horn-like character. It's not that the Virginia native completely eschews the traditions of jazz guitar, but a thorough listen to his latest disc reveals a forward-thinking approach, void of typical blues riffs, octave slides and other predictable tricks associated with his instrument.

Dubbed the Fluid Trio +, Crocco recruits bassist Peter Slavov, drummer Francisco Mela and veterans saxophonist/educator George Garzone. The disc's ten tracks, all composed by Crocco, have solidly structured, open-ended forms for solo exploration. The absence of keyboard—not to mention the mainly single-line approach of Crocco's playing—leaves a spacious landscape for Crocco and Garzone to twist and bend each harmonic sequence.

Crocco's staggering technique is put on full display on the blistering "What it is," a blues of sorts that features a seemingly endless barrage of lightning-fast picking. The guitarist's single-note style, with a stripped-down accompaniment of bass and drums can be likened to the late Grant Green. If not in actual note choice, at least in a strong propensity to swing, especially on medium tempo tunes such as "Heaven," "Trial of Time" and "Spice Mine."

A disc filled with solos that move from chromatic whirlwinds, to contemplative lyricism, Fluid Trio + showcases uncompromising artistry without sacrificing audience accessibility.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Chris Crocco
  • CD Title: The Chris Crocco Fluid Trio +
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2010
  • Record Label: Self Produced
  • Rating: Four Stars
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