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The Fine Line by Sam Bevan

Bassist Sam Bevan's lyrical approach to the bass is featured on his latest release The Fine Line. Utilizing a top-notch group of musicians, Bevan showcases his playing and writing talents. Every piece was written and arranged by Bevan.

Anderson's fat sounding trumpet kicks things off on "Zap Monk." This mid tempo excursion features Abraham's delicate string work as well as Rinta's robust trombone. There is ample room to improvise given the intrinsic nature of the piece. Bevan's bass can be heard offering a foundation for the rest of the group to work from. Unison playing at it's best.

"Attack of the Mudbugs" is a funky number featuring Rinta's driving horn. Abraham's brilliant use of wah wah and subtle distortion creates another dimension by favoring a laid back slant. Bevan's bass is also featured. Articulate, focused and highly musical, Bevan's sense of melody and rhythmic thrust showcase his talent.

Although brief, "Merman Interlude" packs a lot of punch. In less than a minute, every member of the band is featured in this swinging melody.

"Swashbucket" is a slow bluesy arrangement featuring Rinta's trombone. Rinta has an opportunity to really stretch out. Working every note to maximum advantage, his control and focus are to be admired. Abraham joins in for a few bars with some inspired playing. Listen carefully to the rhythm section as Bevan and Bowman deliver a lesson in functional interplay. Bevan bends the strings to almost breaking point while Bowman's stick work counters the melody beautifully.

If you want swing with inspired performances, "Disgruntled Patriot" is just the ticket. Every bar takes the moment to new levels. Bevan's bowing effects, with slight distortion, along with Abraham's swinging axe ride The Fine Line out on a high note.

What makes The Fine Line such a gem, are the fine performances from all involved. Tight arrangements, and well conceived writing goes to show that Bevan is a multi-dimensional artist with much to offer. Whether it's Bevan's articulate delivery, Abraham's driving guitar, Rinta's robust trombone, Anderson's spot on trumpet or Bowman's solid stick work, there is much to enjoy.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sam Bevan
  • CD Title: The Fine Line
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Independant
  • Tracks: Zap Monk, Walking Stick, Shapeshafter, Attack Of The Mudbugs, Bayou Melodie, Ennui, Merman Interlude, Slap In The Face, Swashbucket, Disgruntled Patriot
  • Musicians: Sam Bevan (acoustic and electric bass), Bryan Bowman (drums), Mike "D" Abraham (guitar), Ara Anderson (trumpet), Mike Rinta (trombone)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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