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Trio Reenactment by Trio Reenactment

A nice debut CD collection from the group, Trio Reenactment, the trio excels in a wide range of contemporary jazz approaches that makes for a lively collection of original jazz songs. There is a good feel to the sound, as if it has been rounded out, verved inside out, and touched with a creative whipping of jazz magic! What will appeal most is the interesting solo work, and the group harmony throughout the songs.

There are ten songs in this CD collection. Each one will appeal to different jazz listeners for different reasons, and all of them will appeal to a wide jazz listening audience. If you like innovative, fresh approaches to jazz, this is a CD collection you will want for your home library collection. Get your local order librarian to place a copy in the public library for its jazz patrons, and while you are at it, give a copy as a gift to an intimate friend.

Nobody will be disappointed with these songs. Of the ten, it is hard to pick and select, simply because each makes an intimate comment. The bass stylings are superb, the piano stylings are superb, and the drum stylings are superb.

Simply expressed, and to the point, this is a highly likeable jazz CD with fresh sounds and performed by a trio that knows where it is going to take its listeners and does so! Of the songs in the collection, three that really stand out and deserve radio airplay are track four, track seven, and track nine.

Give this one a listen. See what you think. Pass on its good merits to a friend. You will be glad you did! Nice jazz CD, worthy of your time.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Trio Reenactment
  • CD Title: Trio Reenactment
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Olicon Music
  • Musicians: John Barron (bass), Sven Anderson (piano), Rob Emanuel (drums).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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