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Triosphera by Triosphera

First recording for TRIOSPHERA, trio leaded by pianist Davide Scagno sided by bass-player Stefano Profeta and drummer Sergio Pescara. Named like the group itself, their album "Triosphera" is the interesting result of the weaving of sound and sensation that take cue from different music experiences. And it would not be otherwise, considering the peculiar conception of such a jazz group: Scagno, classical piano schooling and professional artistic experience in jazz, in vocal arrangements, musical soundtracks for the stage, and pop music too; Profeta, multi-instrumentalist exploring sound and rhythm approach from popular and oriental culture, acquired to his own artistic knowledge; and, at last, Pescara, known as one of the most representative drummers of the Italian rock scene, skilled with great strength and rhythmic-sound solidity.

The present work reserves greatest attention and account for the parts, carefully pre-structured, leaving wide space to the extemporary creation of the music process as well. Scagno, composer of every track, provides for particular care in building up the melodic development: that is what happens in the opening tune, The Sphere, where the melody, typically in Monk’s style, runs over lines so little steady as to let the musical fluency roll harmonically, but not obviously. Here, the improvising aspect is linked to the contrapuntal game that leads to the dialogue involving the three instruments. Suddenly, the second tune drives ears to follow the simple and winning melody of Home Sweet Home, that points up the research for spreading the structure of the motif-lines.

And so on every song in the CD: Bernàrd, a three-four, solar and cantabile, that carries out some attractive solos on the circular harmony letting the musicians improvise with fantasy; Cadeau, a ballad of which the theme supplies an "on-off" effect performed by Scagno’s nervous improvisation, as if he would like to paint a contrasting palette; Three Four Two, very particular composition that, as its title reveals, hides in its theme, tribute to jazz-pianist Petrucciani, a rhythmic alternation among three-four, two-four and four-four meters; All About You.... Toy, of which the long piano introduction confirms the typically jazz harmonic expressions in alternation with the resonance closer to ’900 classical composers, never forgetting the lyrical side, finally to flow into an articulated theme played by the whole trio, for an "interplay" based on several harmonic keys and a latin rhythm. Alter Ego declares its two personalities, letting the introspective side in the first part of the tune struggle with the frenzy and violence in the second part, unwinding over a "fast" with no safety-net. Very remarkable the way how TRIOSPHERA faces Question & Answer, where, after a suggestive melody upon harmonies in continuous movement, the soloist approach lays on communication rich in rhythmic and melodic counterpoints, giving rise to a really moment of collective creation, without any instrument relegated to its usual and normal function only. Finally, The Land, constituting the closing soundtrack perfect for the present release, that recalls images from a very suggestive sound-journey.

All in all, the composition-vein in each tune never leaves out the declared purposes of this disc: the cohabitation among lyrical evocatory themes and traits of pure momentary creativity, the whole strictly ordered according to the schemes framing the songs, nothing left to hazard.

In that, Davide Scagno, Stefano Profeta and Sergio Pescara act in an easy way, never worried about stylistic rules at all, and, providing for the natural mixture of their own different musical characters and technical ability, they create a soundness and never simple aspect of whole group: such a heterogeneity of the three artists’ singular personalities makes the work very appealing, giving it the proper touch of originality too.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Triosphera
  • CD Title: Triosphera
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: The Sphere, Home sweet home, Bernàrd, Cadeau, Three four two, All about you...toy, Alter ego, Question & answer, The land
  • Musicians: Davide Scagno (piano), Stefano Profeta (double bass), Sergio Pescara (drums).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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