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Warm Summer Night Dreams by Ada de Luque

Ada de Luque’s Warm Summer Night Dreams was pure genius. The CD was a mixture of romance, sensuality, and spiritual energy flowing from one track to the next in harmony as if this was a beautiful love story. This CD is a mixture of the most beautiful smooth adult contemporary jazz with a fusion of Latin-Caribbean music. The CD starts of with a beautiful song entitled " falling", the words so soft and beautiful it was like poetry put to classical music. Yellow Butterfly was another of my favorites, a soft love ballad, followed by several more jazz love songs. Track 7, which is "Lascivious Love," is a very sexy and sensual love song. "Agua de coco" is reggae cut with a jazzy twist to it, very creative. The CD ends with another version of "Falling" very upbeat, the perfect ending to a beautiful love story.

Born in Cuba, and trained in classical and opera music and vocals, Ada showcased extraordinary skills and talent on this project. Also, collaborating on this project with Ada, were Dr. John Georgini on trumpets/flugel horn, Rey Rivera on piano and keyboards, Manny Lopez on guitar, Daniel Berroa on percussions, Greg Diaz on saxophone/flute, Kenny Nieves also on guitars and Deya Deynova on cello.

I really enjoyed reviewing this CD and I highly recommend it for your listening pleasure. This is the perfect CD for entertaining with good food, good friends, good wine, and good conversation.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ada de Luque
  • CD Title: Warm Summer Night Dreams
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: klew media
  • Rating: Five Stars
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