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Boro Song by Solade Solade

Refreshing as a splash of water on your face on a hot summer's day is exactly what Solade brings musically to the soul. On this CD, she hasn’t allowed herself to be boxed in to one particular genre. Instead, she allows herself to fly free, as she flutters effortlessly within genres like adult contemporary, jazz, blues, soul and even a bit of reggae. And to cast an even more genial glow on the proceedings, she owns a voice that is like a visit from an old friend, a familiarity that makes you feels good inside with each listen. Vocally she comes across as a hybrid of Maria Muldur meets Sade meets Norah Jones but this should not be interpreted as a carbon copy. Her originality still shines through because her vocal is never rushed, very laid-back and it helps that she is also a mean trumpet player.

Boro Song is a musical elixir, with thirteen therapeutic inputs for your listening pleasure. "For That" is a funk driven track which showcases Solade's vocals and tight intonation on the trumpet, while her honey-dripped voice, replete with falsettos, is more vivid on the reggae-tinged "Bwe Bwe Groove," "What it Is," and "Cool Honey." "Call Me Down" is funky with a gurgling bass-line that has a Jamiroquai feel to it. A few tracks down you will find the head swaying and ethereal "Pull On Me." Other tracks, here, include the middle-eastern tabla-infused "Ocean Lullaby," "Deal Today," "Heavy Sweet" and the rock edged "Boundaries." As the saying goes, "this girl can sang!"

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Solade Solade
  • CD Title: Boro Song
  • Genre: Cool Jazz
  • Year Released: 1994
  • Record Label: FM Groove
  • Rating: Four Stars
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