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Dream by Joe Byrd

As it states in the liner notes, this album was recorded live to 2 track fixes. (This is the music of my formative years and it is simply magic).

When Tommy Newsom blew the first note on that Tenor Saxophone I could hear echoes of every Sax man in Tidewater Virginia in his message (Bobby Krausse in particular). Krausse always credited Tommy as his major inspiration.. Newsom had more influence in that area than Dale Carnegie had on the world.He has a truly remarkable tone, his solos are carefully constructed and crafted through years of association with the finest musicians in the jazz world and 30 years with the Tonight Show Band. As Byrd accurately says there is a hint of Zoot Sims in Newsom's playing...but Tommy Newsom is an easy rider in a sax world of pandemonium and cacophony.

Joe Byrd, the stalwart Bassist, is a melodic player, one can hear the sound of a lingering symphony in his choruses. His tone is warm, his time nuclear perfect. Joe Byrd's playing has the feel of someone you would like to meet, it is comfortable and interesting, sometimes humorous, sometimes passionate.

Howard Alden is a superb Guitarist who comps like a Pianist and as Joe says "he plays the inside voice and he's better than any Guitarist I know".

Chuck Redd gets over those Vibes in Hamplike fashion, but with a posh outpouring of notes and some down home expression when the occasion demands. Redd's solos are both inventive and swinging.

'What Am I Here For' The Vibes and Guitar open in unison paving the way for Newsom's cool entrance. The Guitar comps beautifully for The Vibe solo.

"Dream"..The title tune is showcased with Newsom riding this tune like a dressage mount. Nice 8 and 4 bar trades with the Guitar and Vibes. Joe Byrd walks everyone along in his inimitable fashion..Lush is the byword.

"Girl Talk" I love this tune, the melody is a work of true art.. Again the Vibes set the stage for Newsom's entrance with his usual flair. Alden's Guitar swings easily but brilliantly.

"Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams" Happy and bright tempo. The Vibes play the melody with some very hip picking by Mr. Alden. Newsom sails in on a cool breeze blowing gently but with his trademark ideation in full force.

"Intimacy Of The Blues" Some unison riffs ..a bit of call and answer...A jaunty Bass solo smoothly strutting ...The Tenor Sax is moseying along with some sweet talk and swinging like a porch glider on a summer night.

"The Song Is Ended" but indeed the melody lingers on.

This is great jazz by a collection of the best musicians in jazzdom....As my worthy constituent says, "It gets no better, only different"

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joe Byrd
  • CD Title: Dream
  • Genre: Cool Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: JEB Music
  • Tracks: What Am I Here For, Dream, The Girl From Impanema, Girl Talk, El Cajon, A Time For Love, Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams, O Pato, Intimacy Of The Blues, Homage To Charlie Christian, The Song Is Ended.
  • Musicians: Joe Byrd (b), Tommy Newsom (ts), Howard Alden (g), Chuck Redd, (vibes)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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