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Flute Bass-ics by Chip Shelton & Ron Carter

Perky, upbeat, yet sensual and sublime talents, master flutist Chip Shelton and THE master of bass, Ron Carter team up to create an ear-friendly variety of tunes: several written by Shelton.

A world class performer, Shelton, specializes in the end-blown flute
Chip takes the music to a new level of high, while stellar bassist, Ron Carter performs a deep solo during Blue Chip

Steven Kroon provides a perky percussion during In An Island Way, providing back-up for Shelton’s smooth, yet lively tones.-- An interesting interplay of sounds composed by Shelton with the backing of Carter’s mellow bass.

I’ll Remember April composed by Don Raye is an upbeat salsa rhythm with Shelton’s perky flute flowing in and out of front place , giving space for Nash to highlight his skill with the drums as Carter continues to provide a rousing bass background.

Referring to the Chinese handheld exercise balls received as a gift from Multi-wind instrumentalist, John Purcell, The Gift/Secret of The Iron Balls, shows the effects of discipline and dexterity through Shelton’s mastery of tone, as he recites in echo fashion to sounds of nature.

From composer Tadd Dameron, The Scene is Clean , is one of Shelton’s favorites and it shows. Featuring familiar bop in the Max Roach/Clifford Brown tradition, Carter’s bass is in complete sync with Shelton’s airy and sultry notes.

Surrender is a smooth, easy listening tune. A very light touch on Carter’s bass, as he performs a solo run, allowing Stephen Scott’s soft move along the keyboard to penetrate the moment gently.

Coming back with spunk and funk, Keep Hope Alive is up-tempo as percussion takes temporary foreground with Shelton’s accompaniment on flute.

Valse for Mom features soprano, alto and bass flute parts by Shelton in tribute to his mom Shelton’s answer to Horace Silver’s Song For My Father.
This tune is airy, listenable, diverse.

Shelton and Carter together are like silk and velvet two luxurious feels, both of different textures.
Both are world traveled. Both are masters.
Together they provide the extreme in pleasurable music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Chip Shelton & Ron Carter
  • CD Title: Flute Bass-ics
  • Genre: Cool Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Summit
  • Tracks: Tracks: Biko and Mandela, Blue Chip, In An Island Way, I’ll Remember April, The Gift/Secret of the Iron Balls, The Scene is Clean, Surrender, Keep Hope Alive, Valse for Mom
  • Musicians: Chip Shelton: Flutes, Ron Carter: bass (session producer), Stephen Scott: piano, Lewis Nash: drums, Steven Kroon: percussion
  • Rating: Five Stars
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