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More Than Red by Paul Serrato

Composer and Pianist Paul Serrato has been working out in the New York Music Scene since the 1960s. His latest CD, "More Than Red" is released on Graffiti Productions, Serrato's independent label, which shows what high quality music unsigned bands can produce and features an eclectic mix from blues to Afro-Cuban . There is an attempt to use the basic Jazz Quartet form in different ways as Paul pulls on his experiences writing for off Broadway shows and New York Club Acts. He shows an interest in the use of textures and orchestrating instruments in new ways. There is a clean uncluttered sound with an emphasis on the the compositions and the instrumental textures. There are no power solos or pyrotechnical bursts, just solid, intelligent, relaxed music.

It features on Percussion the late Julio Feliciano on Congas (who passed at 40 years of age shortly after the release of this CD) as well as Henry Morales also on Congas and Jack "Kako" Sanchez on bongos. Bassist Bryce Sebastien displays technical chops and swinging bowed solos. Chip Shelton plays Flute, Rudy Romero is on Syndrum and Walter Kingsly plays trumpet. This is not traditional Latin Jazz, in that there are no Montunos or Tumbaos and the music is more meditative than dance inducing.

This is original Jazz pulling on diverse influences and using Latin Percussion. There is no trap set or walking bass lines removing this music from the Straight ahead category. Serrato refers to himself as living in "the multicultural axis of expression" in New York City and he has his own voice and the freedom as an independent artist to stay true to that his vision. He also plays gorgeous, sweet piano.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Paul Serrato
  • CD Title: More Than Red
  • Genre: Cool Jazz
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Graffiti Productions
  • Tracks: Sweet and Sour, Flats Broke, Skin Tight, Blues Schmooze, Brownout Blues, More Than Red, Blues for a Graffiti Artist, Visions, Love Matters.
  • Musicians: Paul Serrato - piano, Julio Feliciano - conga, Henry Morales - conga, Jack "Kako" Sanchez - bongo, Walter Kingsley - trumpet, Chip Shelton - flute, Bryce Sebastien - basses, Rudy Romero - syndrum.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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