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Firts Name Basis by Gabriel Hasselbach

Gabriel Mark has high skills with conducting electronic wind instruments. He has performed all around the world and enjoys a strong reputation of being an orchestra conductor in Canada, his new country. He has a real knack for catching the business side of music, working for films, commercials, multimedia, radio and television shows. He even has his own label alongside digital production and live recording.

Gabriel enjoys switching from one style to a another and is deeply attracted to all kinds of diversifications and has released albums acclaimed by music critics. First Name Basis is a release where Gabriel plays a variety of wind instruments he mastered.

There is no doubt that GMH knows how to touch audiences giving them the right notes and tempos. He always seems inspired by Miles and reaches a certain degree of smooth perfection. The detail of the cover reflects his ambitious character. He gathers great musicians around him: Miles Black, Tony Chamberlist, David Neal and vocalist Dee Daniels. GMH challenges himself and his band regardless of the level of vocals performed on the tracks. Still, the instrumental side of First Name Basis is by far the best part of the release.

When he plays his flugelhorn, he fills the lines with smooth gaps and long spaces. From this perspective, listeners can easily hear the strong influence of Miles in his music. GMH can produce plenty of emotions with his horns: they cry and can also be energizing, giving joy, power and at times, delicacy.

Considering the fusion aspects of First Name Basis, "The Look in your Eyes" is just enough to gain GMH the respect he deserves.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gabriel Hasselbach
  • CD Title: Firts Name Basis
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Wind Tunnel Multimedia
  • Tracks: Take That, The Look In your Eyes, All ways, Always; Been around The World, Make This Dream Last Forever, Comfort Zone, Tempting Fate, Seven Pools, White Flag, Rendezvous Under The Stars
  • Musicians: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (Trumpet, Flutes, Flugelhorn, Low Brass), Miles Black (Keyboards, Organ, Bass, Programming), Tony Chamberlist (Drums and Percussion), David Neal (Guitar), Dee Daniel (Vocal)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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