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Galactic Funk by Eric Terdjman

For those of you who may need an introduction, Eric Terdjman is a French guitarist and composer who first happened on the music scene with an acid jazz band known as Eclyptics. Mainly touring in Paris in 2001, he later began to produce his own music in 2003 and released his first album Rebirth in 2005. The project was a blend of rap and electronic jazz.

If electronica is truly your preferred taste, Galactic Funk may catch your ear, for it is heavy on all that electronica embodies. In this age of overdone experimentation with homogenized, synthesized, robotized, grossly loose-toned electronic music of any and all genres, it comes as no surprise to me that jazz has fallen prey to this trend. However, there is some amount of merit in Galactic Funk. Yes, I found the grossly overused synthesized vocal manipulations highly disturbing and the melodies underdone and plastic, but I also found something appealing and comfortable about the contributions of the often crisp guitar work (witness the title track and "Souls"). In fact, "Souls" has a rather nice melody and decent bass and drum tracks. Strip away the voice synth and you’ve got a very palatable piece indeed.

While not a CD for me, I am still hesitant to dismiss it entirely. As electronica goes, as I’ve said, there may be saving some graces here. Even when considering jazz, it has moments and decent select tracks that, with some "tweaking," could have been, and may still be, welcome on some jazzer’s iPod.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Eric Terdjman
  • CD Title: Galactic Funk
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Eric Terdjman
  • Tracks: In Da Space, Baby I Need You, Funky Party, Collision, Easy Life, Galactic Funk, Do You Remember Me?, Dream, Believe Me, My Life, Orbital, Souls, Jam
  • Rating: Two Stars
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