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Gam-I Âzâd by Ugur Dogan

Ugur Dogan is not only a Turkish-born DJ, but is also a composer and performer in his own right. He loves to explore the different paths of electronic music. He accomplishes this by using the potential instrumental sounds to compose new music with improvisation and constant experimentation.

Ugur Dogan’s music directs the listener into meditation. This is a "caractéristique" unusual in DJs. Gam-I Âzâd is his first album in which he expresses a patchwork of east and west influences.

Gam-I Âzâd is a good attempt with nice explorations. Ugur is searching for a voice in his musical universe and he knows how to explore the instruments he likes to play. The word Gam- I Âzâd has apparently many meanings as "to be no one’s slave and move in total freedom." If this definition is the reason for his creation here, then Dogan is in a good way, finding his unique voice.

Ugur guides the listener through different climaxes and always toward a very introspective electronic music. "Latuna" opens the album sweetly. "Loosing It" is like a mantra tainted with drums. "Vital" recalls Eastern rhythms. "Underlost" sounds very oriental and the piano solo is great. "Nharyz," "Reside," "Clear" and "Had To Happen" are played with all the resources that electronic music has to offer.

Dogan explores every sound he has in mind and delivers rhythms, signs and those sounds very peculiar to his creations.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ugur Dogan
  • CD Title: Gam-I Âzâd
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Meditolia Music
  • Tracks: Lutuna, Loosing, Vital, Underlost, Nharyz, Reside, Clear, Had to Happen
  • Musicians: Ugur Dogan (all instruments, vocals)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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