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44 Minutes Of Love by Chuck Perrin

Guitarist/singer/composer Chuck Perrin’s latest self-released recorded project, 44 Minutes of Love - a reference to the length of the CD, finds the quasi-folk singer wrapped in a smoothly new-age-ish Pro Tools soundscape of warm acoustic sounds and mellow drum-machine-ish electronics. At the heart of the recording is Perrin’s distinctive voice. Even though he sings in a very breathy style his tonal quality still has a warming embrace that works best on his originals.

"I Gotta Have You," a Perrin original and the CD’s lead-off cut, shows off Perrin’s unique voice quality to its best. He really knows how to wrap his acoustic guitar accompanied voice around the likable poetry and we really get the sense he cares about the material. "A Letter Home" is also exquisitely well sung. His thoughts of longing are well conveyed and the slight vocal breaks only serve to add well-placed emotional inflection.

Helping to keep the recording from being overwrought with sameness is the addition of some great guest artists. Included in the assemblage are New-age electric bass master Michael Manring, whose solo on "I Gotta Have You" is absolutely great. Manring knows in this genre it’s not about a playing a ton of notes, but playing the right one at the right time. Matching the style perfectly, Manring is a welcomed addition.

Thoughtout the recording, Perrin’s use of guest soloists to track on top of his demo-ish tracks really make this recording something special. New-age saxophonist Hollis Gentry III, jazz keyboardist Rob Whitlock, flutist Arthur Fisher, guitarist Brian Price and pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz add such warm colors and sounds to the recording it’s impossible to conceive of this project without them.

If you’re looking for an out of the way folky/new-age singer, you really should check Perrin out.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Chuck Perrin
  • CD Title: 44 Minutes Of Love
  • Genre: Folk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Self-released
  • Rating: Four Stars
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