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Brand New By Tomorrow by Money Mark

Money Mark (born Mark Ramos-Nishita) started his music profession performing with rap artists The Beastie Boys and folk-pop artists like Yoko Ono and Beck. In his second decade as a musician and songwriter, Mark has become in touch with his bluesy side and cool jazz liking which has culminated into his latest release Brand New By Tomorrow on Jack Johnson’s label Brushfire Records. His album is suffused with jazz prisms and blues tabs in the piano segments and bass riffs exuding a John Mayer gentleness. The folk text of the guitar schemes dissolves into the mellow drum lolls and draft mild surfs through the melodic coves. His new solo album has a great deal in common with Jane Monheit and Julia Fordham, more so than ever before.

Setting the subdued bluesy mood is "Color Of Your Blues" which distills flaccid instrument motions with intermittent pauses permeating the folds of the melody. Angelic string arrangements contrast the heavy bass weights and upbeat tambourines on "Pick Up The Pieces." The folk-jazz organ infusions harmonize with the cool jazz drumbeats on "Summer Blue" as the vocal reverb on the chorus provides an echoing effect. The bluesy piano channels on tracks like "Pretend To Sleep" and "My Loss Your Gain" create warm, cozy chambers shoaled by subtle rhythmic mounds.

The tuneful guitar arpeggios on "Everyday I Die A Little" straddle glistening jazz toned keys and bluesy rhythmic loops. The Latin-jazz ambits on "Radiate Nothing" and the bossa nova rhythms on "Nice To Me" add colorful accents to the melodic measures of folk-jazz movements. The smooth jazz keyboards for "Black Butterfly" have a Norah Jones leisurely drift and propagate one of the highlights on the album. G. Love provides jubilant harmonica phrases on "Nice To Me" and Seth Swerling whips up some exalting French horn verses boasting through "Eyes That Ring" as a spray of percussive shakers canal the languid string and keyboard passages. Money Mark saved the title track for last propping a bluesy piano melody with extensions of thoughtful guitar musings and tender rhythms softly swinging.

Produced by Mario Caldato and Money Mark, Brand New By Tomorrow shows off Mark’s blues-pop extrapolations and folk-jazz intonations which culminate into tranquilizing ambiances. His songs are comfortable in their skin. The melodies are sparsely coated and the embellishments of synth effects are conservatively administered. The music is sophisticated and summons consonance in the instrument mergers while maintaining a calming frequency. Folk-jazz is Money Mark’s destiny. He will be performing at Noise Pop, SXSW music festival, and others for 2007.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Money Mark
  • CD Title: Brand New By Tomorrow
  • Genre: Folk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Brushfire Records/Universal Music Group
  • Tracks: Color Of Your Blues, Pick Up The Pieces, Summer Blue, Pretend To Sleep, My Loss Your Gain, Everyday I Die A Little, Radiate Nothing, Black Butterfly, Nice To Me, Eyes That Ring, Brand New By Tomorrow
  • Musicians: Money Mark (lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums, melodica, synthesizer, electric harpsichord, and chamberlain strings), Woody Johnson (guitar), Jim Keltner (drums), Carol Kaye (bass and guitar), Seth Swerling (French Horn), G. Love (harmonica), Cava (backing vocals), Danny Frankel (drums), Pedro Yanowitz (drums), Ryan Faves (upright bass).
  • Rating: Three Stars
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