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No Love Lost by Kate Schutt

Some albums are good to listen to while you go for an evening walk, others are good for a long drive or to hum along to while you are having a drink at your favorite bar, and then there are some albums that you enjoy listening to while relaxing on a settee in your bedroom mulling over lingering thoughts in private. Singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Kate Schutt has an album that will satisfy all of these conditions. Her debut album No Love Lost is a collection of folk-jazz tunage reminiscent of Mindy Smith and a classic jazz palette liken to Diana Krall’s bluesy dirges and pensive ambience. Produced by Schutt and with music written by Schutt, No Love Lost summons a woodsy scent that is fluted with a casual stride moving to Schutt’s leisurely lilt and plush guitar rolls. It is an album that allows you to sink into your thoughts, communicate to yourself, and listen to your perceptions about your surroundings. The clarity of the songs makes living seem simple.

Schutt’s slinky bebop bent on the tune "Glamorous Life," originally made famous by singer/ percussionist Sheila E., revitalizes the song making it gratifying for a jazz club atmosphere, and the upbeat harmonica phrases traipsing through "Wrecking Ball" domesticate the melody with a shade of country-folk. The wispy lassos of the guitar chords in "Calamity" have a slight Spanish flavoring while the bluesy registers of "Two Halves" have a meditative lure. Two tracks feature the velvety timbres of Toni Lynn Washington on harmony vocals, which flosses Schutt’s vocals producing a riveting complement through "Peter Please" and "I’m Yours." Their vocal ripples and tones are totally different, but absolutely perfect when they are bridged together. The plush soul-jazz rotary of "The Moon Got Broken" and "Raining" is inviting and bunkered by Schutt’s comfy lilt. The lyrics for "Raining" display Schutt’s perceptive mind as she ponders, "It’s hard for you, I know / You come and then you go with a temper like the weather / Raining .... I’ll stay."

Kate Schutt’s debut album No Love Lost has many delightful features similarly to the homey savor of a domesticated wine and the plush forestry of a Thomas Kinkade painting. These songs are more than coffeehouse tunes. The classic jazz buffers and fluency of blues in her folk music makes No Love Lost an album that you can read a book to, sip a drink with, or enable you to be private with those thoughts that you needed to make time for but have neglected in the course of the day. The album is comfortable for entertaining any company.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kate Schutt
  • CD Title: No Love Lost
  • Genre: Folk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Artist Share Records
  • Tracks: How Much in Love, Wrecking Ball, Mary, Peter Please, Raining, Calamity, I’m Yours, Two Halves, The Moon Got Broken, The Young, Glamorous Life
  • Musicians: Kate Schutt (vocals, 8-string guitar/bass hybrid, electric guitar, bass), Dave Jamrog (drums), Duane Andrews (guitar), Patrick Boyle (trumpet), Mark Shilansky (piano), Toni Lynn Washington (backup vocals), Tomasin (rhyme), Jeff Louie (violin), Chloe Kline (viola), Nat Barrrett (cello), Paul Reddick (harmonica on “Wrecking Ball”), Adrian Ross (trumpet on “The Young”)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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