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Confusion Bleue by Nobu Stowe

Gifted Pianist Nobu Stowe , guitarist/reedest Ross Bonadonna, bassist Tyler Goodwin, drummer Ray Sage and Sonic engineer Lee Pembleton, have put forth an amazing piece of art. Confusion Blue has its particular groove in highly skilled playing and imagination. Nobu Stowe dares intrepid improvisation, giving him a very original and free style.

The release begins with a beautiful "Introduction" in which cymbals, drums, reeds and strings thrill the listener who is then joined by an unforeseeable piano. The music displays an array of intense free spaces which are truly signature Stowe. Confusion Bleue evolves in a total improvisation adventure, intimately pronouncing wild phrases and intense counterpointing.

"Premier Movement" is a wonderful track. The band enters in a soft mood, artistically filled with inventions. During various tracks the music can be intense and exciting or even dark, however, it stays in motion with lots of variations. The Bonadonna and Goodwin solos are remarkable. On "Blue in Green" the piano sets a melody on a well known and beautiful soundscape.

Stowe’s piano playing has all of the nuances of free jazz and improvisation. His phrases are poignant, cool and daring with very likeable emotions. Try not to understand the music too quickly. Instead, listen to the album repeatedly to enjoy it's nuances. It is indeed a real gem!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nobu Stowe
  • CD Title: Confusion Bleue
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2010
  • Record Label: Soul Note
  • Tracks: Introduction, Premier Mouvement, Intermede I, Deuxieme Mouvement, Intermede II, Blue in Green, Troisieme Mouvement, Intermede III, Quatrieme Mouvement, Epilogue: Dans La Confusion Bleue.
  • Musicians: Nobu Stowe (grand piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, glockenspiel, nanbu-tetsu bell), Lee Pembleton (sound), Ross Bonadonna (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, alto saxophone), Tyler Goodwin (5-string double-bass), Ray Sage (drums).
  • Rating: Five Stars
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