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Dry Bridge Road by Noah Preminger Group

Jazz saxophonist Noah Preminger takes classic jazz and free style to new melodic heights on his latest release, Dry Bridge Road. The 22-year old composer/saxophonist delivers a maturity in his playing that is reminiscent of The Stein Brothers and melodic sensibilities reflective of Andy Miller. The melodic swells, shuffles and lifts move with profound agreement as Preminger plays off of his band. The trumpet twitters of Russ Johnson provide stunning sprigs emerging from the potted soil beds of guitarist Ben Monder and pianist Frank Kimbrough as scattered specks of pearlite from bassist John Hebert and drummer Ted Poor are dusted across the melodic sheets. The album displays Noah Preminger Group's spontaneous chord shifts and links of improvised cantatas as bebop slices are knitted into the melodic fibers. It's an album for lovers of classic jazz and free style at any age.

The exuberant brass twitters of "Sax Of A Kind" shoot out like sunflowers in a grassy field while the seductive moonlight glow of "Where Seagulls Fly" is sutured by caressive piano keys twined around the elegant rhythmic strokes as shallow gullies form along the melody by Preminger's saxophone. The songs are picturesque instrumentals even through the odd angled meters and moody time signatures marking "Was It A Rat I Saw?" The brass section projects lines that hit every corner of the melody like shooting rays of light. The deeper you go into the album, the more the band pulls away from classic jazz and bebop principles and closer to knitting free style and avant garde mangers. The stirring horn lifts and balustrade of repetitive piano riffs produce a flighty mood in the melody constricted by an underlying intensity of the keyboards in "Rhythm For Robert." The rumpling of guitar chords and energizing drum strikes are beautifully fused and torch wavelets of swells and lifts. The song is dedicated to Preminger's father, Robert and radiates positive images, while the track, "Today Is Okay" which is named after an album by an Icelandic rock band that has inspired Preminger called Mum, experiments with shifting tempos, alternating riffs, and contrasting textures so phrases that are austere rub against ones that are calming.

Noah Preminger Group's debut record, Dry Bridge Road sets them on the track to having an effect on the direction of contemporary jazz music, whether its influencing other aspiring jazz musicians or touching people with their playing. As an alumnus of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Noah Preminger is equally strong as a student as he is a live performer of jazz. He has performed in the Dana Lauren Quintet, in addition to working with Dave Douglas, Joel Frahm, Dave Holland, and a number of others. It's hard to imagine that there is more for the Noah Preminger Group to accomplish, but the sextet seems to keep a window open in their music and shows a readiness to try out whatever piques their interest.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Noah Preminger Group
  • CD Title: Dry Bridge Road
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Nowt Records
  • Tracks: Luke, A Dream, Today Is Okay, Blues For Steve Lacy, Sax Of A Kind, Where Seagulls Fly, Was It A Rat I Saw?, Real Nice, Rhythm For Robert
  • Musicians: Noah Preminger (saxophone), Russ Johnson (trumpet), Ben Monder (guitar), Frank Kimbrough (piano), John Hebert (bass), and Ted Poor (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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