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Mythology by Peter Kowald & Vinny Golia

Multi-woodwind artist Vinny Golia always admired bassist Peter Kowald, and via a mutual friend, made arrangements for this studio date recorded in 2000 at a Los Angeles studio. Kowald passed away in 2002, yet his influence and legacy within progressive-jazz and improvisation cannot be undermined. Here, the track titles are named after each instrument Golia uses, amid Kowald’s arco or pizzicato performances. It’s a free-flowing improvisation fest, where the artists simply rely on their imaginations while developing a great deal of synergy along the way.

The duo shoots for the stars during these emotive and intense exchanges. Golia makes his reed instruments cry, howl and shriek atop Kowald’s forceful and limber bottom-end, abetted by his commanding musical persona. At times, the musicians enter a state of perpetual motion, although it’s a diverse engagement as Golia toggles between flutes, baritone and soprano saxes and other tools of the trade.

They merge a sense of urgency on several works and occasionaly lower the temperature via mystical passages. Moreover, Kowald terrorizes his bass. On "Arco/Contra Alto Clarinet," they flex quite a bit of muscle and during "Pizz/G Flute," Golia embarks on a circuitous discourse in concert with the bassist’s torrid pizzicato lines. Throughout, the duo conveys vast expressionism, accelerated by spiraling opuses and hard-hitting statements. It’s largely about masters of improvisation at work....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Peter Kowald & Vinny Golia
  • CD Title: Mythology
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Kadima Collective Recordings
  • Rating: Three Stars
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