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Pitch, Rhythm, and Consciousness by Trio (Tony Jones - Kenny Wollesen - Charles Burnham)

Tenor saxophonist Tony Jones' affection for vinyl and the warm analog recording processes led to his decision to release this textural free-form set on an LP with the ability to download MP3 files. Reared in California, Jones calls New York City home and has recorded and toured with cutting-edge jazz stylists and pop-rock stars.

Here, Jones aligns with laudable jazz and improvisation artists, violinist Charles Burnham and drummer/percussionist Kenny Wollesen. Hence, the trio exudes mystery, solitude, and ethereal slants on avant-garde jazz, steeped in colorific dialogues, largely executed by Wollesen's use of gongs, bells, indigenous percussion implements and background treatments.

Jones incorporates old-school values with pure improv on "Dear Toy." Armed with a deep tonal range, he suggests melody but skirts the perimeters amid his exchanges with Burnham and Wollesen. With staggered choruses and an uncanny ability to merge loose frameworks within a loop of concentrated idealizations, the artists execute mini-themes, tinted by a quasi-world music edge. Minimalism comes into play as well, as the band also purveys a sense of antiquity via the organic, analog qualities of the recording.

There are dips and spikes throughout the program intermingled with abbreviated passages and areas where Burnham yields a sense of urgency. And they inject fleeting currents into the mix, but predominately rely on their collective imaginative powers. Another characteristic that remains a constant is a sense of intimacy. Moreover, Wollesen's array of percussion implements offer a broad polytonal base, whether Burnham is plucking his violin strings or when the trio is nimbly navigating through darkness, highlighted on "Jessie."

The album title intimates an appropriate topic. Essentially, they lay the framework for the audience's approach to the listening experience. But several listens tend to uncover additional nooks, crannies and nuances. Therefore, it's an artistic endeavor, underscored by the musicians' synergistic output. Their fervor radiates throughout, and is just one of many rewarding factors embedded in the sum of the craftily moving parts.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Trio (Tony Jones - Kenny Wollesen - Charles Burnham)
  • CD Title: Pitch, Rhythm, and Consciousness
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2011
  • Record Label: New Artists
  • Musicians: Tony Jones, tenor saxophone; Charles Burnham, violin; Kenny Wollesen, percussion.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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