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Galizen by Runde 1

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Galizen is interesting in a couple of ways. For starters, Runde 1 uses relatively mundane elements to create something that sounds far from mundane. Bright cymbals and plea…

Barcodes by Synergy

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The term "contemporary jazz" has been mistreated in recent years, due mainly to the lack of new quality artists delivering the goods, and partially due to the industry care…

Rebel Heart by Colors

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Colours is a multi cultural group based out of Belgium. Featuring musicians from Italy, Ireland and Belgium, this is their second recording encompassing a mixture of Jazz, …

Sworn Eyes by H.I.M.

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Who H.I.M? H.I.M. is the nom de musique of sometime-rock drummer Doug Scharin and whom-ever else is around for the ride. Said ride in this case is shared bysome of the most…

ST by Merge

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The debut album from Merge could lead the new wave of jazz fusion into the future. With Nima Rezai on Chapman Stick and Synth Stick, Dan Heflin on soprano and tenor sax…