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Edom by Eyal Maoz

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I’m not sure how to pronounce it either, but this fellow Eyal Maoz is, to employ hackneyed critical phraseology, a talent to watch. Maoz is Israeli-born, New York City-r…

Organik by Niacin

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The Hammond B-3 is one of the most unique musical instruments in the world today. It can sound like an organ, guitar, or even a human voice. In the group Niacin’s Organi…

Later by Synergy

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Textures fly as the milieu around the experience of Synergy’s current offering Later has a multi-dimensional effect on the listener. Separate the players are well…
Born to famous opera singers Jerome Hines and Lucia Eyangelista, David Hines, a gifted cellist and pianist as a child, has pursued jazz, fusion, and the bass guitar sinc…