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A Weekend In October by Philippe

I’ve noticed that during actual rehearsals with bands, while warming up before starting with the actual repertoire, the most unexpected and beautiful things often happened but that nothing further came of them! My goal was to capture these ‘magical moments’ as they appeared during these sessions, Philippe van Haren Noman states on his album’s cover. He has successfully completed his goal. This album sounds as though it was recorded while warming up throughout a long jam session.

The album entitled "A Weekend In October" starts off with the blazing track "Oxidizing Agent." The horn section, bass and drums are marvelous this is an appropriate segue into "Everybody Loves My Fabulous New Shoes." The vibe changes with the intro to "Atmosphere 256." The trumpet is haunting and has a very ambient feeling to it.

"Shall We Go Darling," featuring Dirk Beets on trumpet, has a very unique tone which is very enjoyable to listen to. "The Mozzarella Connection" and "That Red Red Leather Suits You Great! are both surprising arrangements. Drums (Part I) is a tasty interlude, followed by "The Pheromones Were Flying All Over The Place" and "Atmosphere 832B." "The Night Proceeding The Full Moon" is romantic and melancholy, highlighting guitar riffs and an inspired job done by Dirk Beets on trumpet.

"Shall We Go Again Darling?," "Drums (Part II)," "Look At That Wind," " It Would Almost Blow A Dog Off A Chain," "Au Revoir My Friends" and "Till We Meet Again" are all equally as innovative and original. You must listen to this album. The actual arrangements are as distinctive as are the track titles. Enjoy this listening extravaganza!

Key tracks to listen for are "Atmosphere 256" and "Shall We Go Again Darling?".

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Philippe
  • CD Title: A Weekend In October
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Independently published
  • Tracks: Oxidizing Agent, Everybody Loves My Fabulous New Shoes, Atmosphere, Shall We Go Darling?, The Mozzarella Connection, That Red Leather Suits You Great!, Drums (Part I), The Pheromones Were Flying All Over The Place, Atmosphere 832B, The Night Proceeding The Full Moon, Shall We Go Again Darling?, Drums(Part II), Look At That Wind, It Would Almost Blow A Dog Off A Chain, Au Revoir My Friends, Till We Meet Again
  • Musicians: Philippe van Haren Noman (drums), Dirk Beets (trumpet, vocals), Mark de Haan (alto & tenor saxophone, shaker, vocals), Roel Käller (bass), Eddy van Riebec (bass), Johnny Tevreden (bass)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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