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Later by Synergy

Textures fly as the milieu around the experience of Synergy’s current offering Later has a multi-dimensional effect on the listener. Separate the players are well established and highly gifted on their respective stages however together the rules become transparent as the innovative cluster of improvisation adorns this performance. Lateris an encounter in the fine art of expressive fusion!

Unpredictable are the moods swings of each instrument as they empower the audience. The music keeps the listeners attention to a level where the pause button becomes non-existent and focus is direct and intense on every note. Later has all the makings of a major listen for numerous tastes from rockers to bluesmen. This disk is simply an art form and has earned that brand!

Guitarist Mike Brannon ignites numerous cuts with his string exploitation cast upon the project even more so than Synergy’s previous effort "Barcode." Examine the tribute piece to Mike Brecker, "String Theory." It is a brilliant effort that brings out the polish of this fine string aficionado!

Bassist Harvie S shines on this disk performing on four of the cuts sharing duty with the stellar Brandon Rivas. Harvie S in exit track "Harvie Blues" captures the sensuality and feel of this stoic instrument of jazz!

Brannon along with Paul Wertico, Bill Evans and a cast of others have sculpted technically sound arrangements but with a simple emotional approach. This project should have embraced us sooner not "Later" for its personalities fit even the most traditional of jazz tastes!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Synergy
  • CD Title: Later
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Self
  • Tracks: Vision/FYI (for Bob Berg), Gumbo (for New Orleans), String Theory (for Mike Brecker), Scratch, September 28th, Just Like Now, Loose Ends, Later, Parking Space, Dream Sequence, Crosstalk, Harvies Blues'
  • Musicians: Mike Brannon (guitars/electric sitar), Bill Evans (tenor saxophone 1 & 2), Harvie S (acoustic bass 1-3 & 12), Brandon Rivas (acoustic bass 4/8/9), Paul Wertico (drums 1-3/11/12), Gerry Gibbs (drums 4/8/9), Andy Langham (keyboards 4/8/9)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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